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Park Place Club Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
In the beginning of my stay I was very happy, but then management changed. Tarnita was good, and got things done, if a bit slow, but the new manager, Bradley I think, has sent the place spiraling. There have been visual improvements, like new chairs and a fire pit, as well as painting, but the pretty outside hides a rotten core. My downstairs neighbors are constantly playing loud music that makes the things on my dresser vibrate and the new management does nothing. I had to repeatedly call the police, but that only gains me about a day or two of peace and quiet. I've had people barge into my apartment without prior notice while I was sleeping in the morning. I've had alarms going off because the fire department was checking them that day, without notice, which is scary when you're not expecting it. Mr. Manager will claim that they left a note, but the phantom note never appears. The only time they ever left a note was when they wrote a vaguely threatening letter telling us that we were going to be evicted unless we paid the rent on time. Thing is, the rent was paid on time. It just turned out that underneath where we wrote our apartment number on the check someone (the manager?) had written the number of another apartment on there, so it never got cashed in our name. We had the proof that we paid from the bank, but it took about two weeks of constant calling before the manager did anything about it. Not to mention we are owed a couple hundred dollars because of a referral program but we've yet to see a cent of it, not even as a deduction. The workmanship is terrible. My kitchen counter was redone because the first time they glazed it they did it wrong, so it peeled. That same counter is peeling in exactly the same way, the glaze being just as cheap as before. The glaze on the bathroom counters was done right, though. The wooden shelves seem to have been made by some sort of slave labor because they are not even, they have unfinished corners where wood just chips off because it's cheap pressboard, and the doors don't even close properly because they are off-center, both in the bathroom and the kitchen. Management has spent a lot of money repainting the laundry rooms while blatantly ignoring that at the time, three out of four washers and two of the dryers were broken. Speaking of dryers, nobody maintains them it seems, so the dryers are full of lint on the inside and another tenant had to go in and vacuumed them all because they wouldn't dry anymore. Total fire hazard. The stairwell has a lot of staining and always smells like pee or wet garbage. Also, not to mention, if you have any concerns, good luck getting into contact with the manager because not only is he never in the office, he doesn't return phone calls, or pick up the phone at all in the first place. All they care about here is looking pretty, but nobody cares about the tenants. Stay away. I have a feeling the rent is going to skyrocket this year.
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Park Place Club Apartments

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