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Park Place Club Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
I've been living in Park Place for a couple of years. Management went from outstanding (Paul), to Ok (Tarnita), to practically non-existent (Bradley). We've had Bradley as a manager for a while now... or so I am led to believe since I have only actually seen him maybe a total of four or five times since he took over sometime back in July. With him it takes an act of Congress to get the most simple of things attended to and dealt with. You re lucky if you can get him on the phone (he rarely returns calls), and even more lucky if you happen to actually see him! If you do happen to be lucky enough to finally get a hold of him and set up an appointment to meet with him... good luck! One day I was leaving and I overheard an angry woman on the phone in the lobby complaining to someone on the other end (maybe the management company?) that she had an appointment to meet with him to show her an apartment, and surprise... he never showed up (I thought to myself as I walked past her Welcome to Park Place ). So expect to be pretty much left on your own with whatever issues you might have. I talk with the other tenants quite frequently and it completely astounds all of us how little we see of this guy. I have never seen tenants get so angered and annoyed to the point that they have actually taken to leaving big angry notes of complaints taped in the elevator and even on the door of the manager s office (amazing!). Safety is another concern. They resurfaced the floor in front of the mailboxes which is located in the garage THREE times before they finally bothered to fix the front door that wouldn't lock or even close all the way. That front door was broken for at least a month... just wide open for anyone to enter (and still has its issues). But I guess they figured that issue was secondary to the fact that the small area in the garage in front of the mailboxes still wasn't quite shiny enough. BTW don t expect any kind of 24 hour advance notice that construction is going to be done, or that they are going to be entering your apartment. Sometimes notices are posted but I would say that maybe close to half of the time they aren't (and some of those notices that have been posted were done so within less than 24 hours). Oh and that resurfacing that I mentioned... that involved blocking access to the lobby from the garage. Well a heads up was definitely needed for that since one of the tenants is wheelchair bound and needs access to the lobby from the garage in order to use the elevator. There was ZERO notice when they decided to resurface that floor for the third time! So all of us come home and surprise no lobby access from the garage and no access to the mailboxes. Sure that was an (annoying) inconvenience for most of us because instead of using the elevator we can simply take the stairs from the back of the garage, but to someone who is confined to a wheelchair... well that involves some planning and some notice! They've spent money putting up fountains, and sails in the courtyard, redid the lobby, etc all to make the place look good to attract new tenants, but once you re moved in they no longer care. My advice... live elsewhere! But if you do decide to move in, good luck to you.
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Park Place Club Apartments

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