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Park Place Club Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
Since the management change, this place has gone downhill fast. Like the previous reviewer stated, apparently Bradley is the new manager, but I've seen him here maybe five times total. What happened to Tarnita? She at least was always in the office and friendly with tenants. Bradley is just a corporate drone. If you are able to get ahold of him at all (usually after multiple calls over multiple days) he's all nice words and apologies, but nothing ever changes. This place has a serious problem with notifying tenants of things that are going to inconvenience them. So far, I've had a group of people barge into my unit without warning while I was still in there. I've been woken up on my day off by fire alarms being tested, again, with no notice. We've had the water shut off, no notice. We've had construction that blocked off exits and entrances, again, no notice. Oh, but if they think you owe rent, they post a notice on your door the next day, even if the money was sent in and it was their own fault that they misplaced it. In the garage there's pipes constantly leaking water over the cars. Another tenant mentioned to me that his car has started to etch from having to park underneath the dripping pipe all the time. But do they fix it? No. Instead, they decide to glaze the area next to the mailboxes three times. An area right by the dumpster. Also, they redid the lobby and elevator in white tile. Brilliant idea, seeing as every bit of dirt, every footprint and drip shows up. Now every time I go in the elevator I can look down at the floor that hasn't been cleaned in weeks. The lobby is so lovely right now, with its Christmas trees and candy canes, and constantly empty office. Even the maintenance request form box is empty, which just looks like a big FU to the tenants that need repairs. All they care about here is money. However nice the place looks on the outside, once you're a tenant, they don't care anymore. They don't care that this is where people live, that this is their home. As long as they get that rent check every month what does it matter to them that the washing machines are broken, or that the front door is broken, or that cars are being marked by the dripping water in the garage. Stay away. If you do move in, god forbid you need anything fixed. All they have here is one handy man, constantly overworked because this place is made and fixed with the cheapest materials possible. Things here fall apart to the touch. I noticed that one of my walls has a huge crack in it, but I hadn't noticed it previously because when I moved in they had painted over it. But now the paint is chipping off and you can clearly see the crack spanning the entire living room. That's a testament to what this place is turning out to be. Crap with a layer of paint. Looks pretty, but it's still crap. Edit: So, one full year has passed since they've owed us referral money, and we haven't seen a single cent.
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Park Place Club Apartments

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