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Park Sierra Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
There are so many things I could say about Park Sierra. Not even a week in and my new coworkers and people at a GAS STATION knew of this apartment complex (never living here). 1. Parking - HORRIBLE. Compact garages and never any street parking. Will park at a grocery store and walk home sometimes. Oh, people use their garages as little shops too (even though on contract 'cannot use as storage'). 2. Neighbors - Luckily the people directly across from us are families who keep to themselves. But usually? Gangs, drug dealers, domestic violence (you can hear it ALL. My apartment is downstairs, next to garages. Can hear a damn PHONE VIBRATE upstairs. People in the garages like to fight a lot too... I unfortunately can hear their entire convo). 3. Just the "look" of the area is overcrowded, spray painted gang signs on the buildings every week, garage doors made of wood, I could keep going. When walking to my car at the U-haul center next door, saw a poster on the wall perfectly describing Park Sierra (picture attached). 4. Inside of apartment - made for Dwarves. The shower head is eye level (I'm 5'6"), the sink has holes and leaks, they painted over EVERYTHING. We can't get to the A/C to change the air filter because it's been PAINTED OVER! The wash/dryer seemed* like a good deal but they fit maybe* half the load of a normal size dryer and washer. No refrigerator. I think there was a huge leak problem in the ceiling but they painted over? Oh and a lot of roaches. Luckily, I had Raid readily available in every room (not kidding). 5. Staff - good luck reaching them, ever. Always go in if you want ANYTHING fixed or answered. F*ck the leasing people, honestly. So unorganized and uninterested in their clients. 6. You WILL hear gun shots at least once a month and ambulances/police vehicles will be heard every week and probably blocking your street once every month. I'm NOT EXAGGERATING!!! We moved here because we had so little time! Had I read the reviews I would have NEVER MOVED HERE!!!! This place is literally the worst apartment complex in Santa Clarita/Canyon Country (people in Valencia were telling me stories of this place on the news. IT'S THAT BAD)!!!! Terminating our lease this month! Been here almost 4 months and we're already leaving. Don't make the same mistake.
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Park Sierra Apartments

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