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Park Sierra Apartments



Resident · 2015 - 2017
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Office Staff
Park Sierra Apartments are a nightmare. The staff is horrible, the tenants they select are not screen very well. Feel like your in a different country. Everyday these rogue, misbehave, disrespectful kids play in the parking lot which is a huge liability. They are noisy and disruptive. You will not get any peace and quiet in these units. If you try and reason with this motley crew, you will get cursed at. The parents of these little monsters are MIA, some of the kids that come over and disrupt and destroy do not live here. When my fiance and I asked them to keep the noise down that we needed our rest for work tomorrow; we told maybe we should move to different units. If you ask management to enforce the rules about parking lot safety and stop these horrible kids from skateboarding and everything else, your met with indifference. There is no since of urgency with anything except BAD regarding these units. Don't be fooled by the pics they don't look like that. Another thing about these units is the type of culture that live here that do not adhere to any rules. One a family or a person moves in, and then they bring in more families, relative, friends, etc. Leases are violated by moving in more people and crowd out everything. Their are some individuals living in garages, so you hear noise, music below all night. Also, there are people running business out their garages, car repair, car detailing etc., This goes on right in front of management noses and they walk around like they see nothing. They enforce nothing; so it appears. The rent is a bit high for you get and have to put up with. I've tried calling administration or higher ups sort of speak but those calls never get returned. If your desperate and don't have a choice right now I understand if you have to go somewhere. But if you have a choice, Do Not Rent Here or Rent at your own risk!
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Park Sierra Apartments

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