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juliandjenkins • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/30/2005
Overall it wasn't horrible but is that the way to describe your new home? Rent is high, and will raise every year, not a doubt. You have a mix of people that make decent money with a lot of people that are milking the system to live there. They all have loud children that don't play in the kid areas, they play in the common areas so you pull your car out of the garage, they are there in the way. Several times we almost hit them. No parents to watch those little ones, oh no no, that is why they are not in the kids play area. Lazy parents that feel that if the kids are in the common areas playing they can hear if they are in trouble, yeah, right. I'm not anti-kid, have two myself but come on, that was community living and there was quite the air of kids come first. Even if you just want a quiet evening at home. And don't you dare tell my child not to hit the ball against your garage. That is not a friendly thing to do, having your kid play handball against a neighbor's garage door. Management did very little. There was a new mgt team come in for the last few months we were there but little got better. Parking is ok, except they require two cars to fit in and be in the garage at all times using no outside spots. Well, most garages have your washer and dryer and it is not possible to clean your clothes without pulling one car out to do so. What's going on with that? As well, nothing at all is to be stored in the garage but cars. Seriously. Garage inspections every month (No Joke). Mgr. tells you what is ok and not. Weird and intruding in my humble opinion. The porch/ balcony above the garage had a leak, I told mgmt about this it took them weeks to call back then the roof of the garage was so wet it broke apart and fell on our cars. The Villas would not repair the cars because they said we should have called about the leak earlier. Hmm... Landscaping is not kid friendly. The whole place is covered in green Oleander. I was a newspaper photographer in El Segundo in the early 1990's and two children there died after chewing on the leaves. I did tell the mgr. and well, nothing was done. "In Los Angeles in 2001, a woman suspected of administering a lethal mixture of antifreeze and oleander to her husband was charged with murder. Also in Los Angeles, but in 2000, two adopted Russian boys (age 3 and 2) died from eating oleander leaves off a neighbor's hedge. Both were found dead in their cribs. Their mother said she saw the children chewing the leaves a few days before they died and noticed they had picked some again the night of their deaths. How poisonous is poisonous? Oleander (leaves and branches) is deemed extremely dangerous, with the poison known to affect the heart, produce severe digestive upset, and to have caused death. The size and relative health of the person ingesting the plant have a great deal to do with the severity of the poisoning. Their relatively small body size places children especially at risk, making oleander a plant one may not want in one's garden if children are part of the household or live nearby." From the website http://www.snopes.com/horrors/poison/oleander.htm Do yourself a favor and don't hassle with this place. If you must, drive through on the weekend or evening hours (when the real residents are home with their bratty kids), it's like romper room on crack. The pictures on the web site show lush green rolling hills and when you get there you will see brown, yucky hills and broken water pipes all over the hillside (where they used to water). Mailboxes were broken into and mgt took FOREVER to fix it. Meanwhile, I love this, the mailman would not leave the mail in an unlocked box so we had to drive to pickup the mail from hell and gone between hours that normal people work. Mgt dragged their feet when everyone complained. A fence was blown down from the winds one day and it took three months to fix it. It stayed broken and right where it fell for MONTHS. Terrible, seriously. Has some good, but it mostly bad, bad, bad. Proofs in the pictures, check them out. Questions? Email me. [email protected]
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