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Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2005
There are some great things about the Sand Canyon Villas and some not-so-great things, but that can be expected just about anywhere there is a large gathering of unique individuals in a somewhat confined area.<br><br>The good things about Sand Canyon Villas is that it is beautiful! The trees are well trimmed, the grass is always watered and green, the area is kept pretty much litter-free and the one time that graffiti popped up, the management moved in quickly to cover it. They also periodically paint the garages to keep them looking nice. They (the management) seems to take a lot of pride in keeping the area looking neat and tidy and it really does help keep the overall look of the place nice! It is refreshing to know that appearances will always be kept in check--things will be kept looking decent and nice.<br><br>There have been a few serious problems, however, which are based around the issues of security. Overall, my family and I have had no personal problems relating to security--we were surrounded by terrific neighbors who were always vigilent in keeping a "neighborhood watch." A few other families in the area were not as fortunate, however--one having a security violation created by a maintenance worker and another family having<br>other problems that involved the law enforcement taking action and stepping in. The few crime issues that have taken place seem to have been cleared up as the people who used to live here have moved out and there hasn't been anymore problems (at least that I'm aware of).<br><br>I will admit, that there is some noise at night (past the 9 pm mark), but most neighbors are really cool with keeping the noise down--yet......there are still some people that don't seem to understand the "unwritten law" of common courtesy in keeping the noise down at night. It's not usually horribly loud noise that happens ALL of the time, but it does happen sometimes and it sometimes will get on your nerves if you let it!<br><br>The only other qualm that I encountered was that the place seemed to be really dark at night--at least until recently. The management seems to have installed more lights throughout the area, which has caused the area to feel much safer.<br><br>Overall, there are pros and cons--but again, you get that wherever you go! I think that as long as you're compliant with rules and as long as you are friendly to management and to your neighbors, that they will treat you with the same respect. I once heard a quote that said something like, "You don't see people as THEY are--you see them as YOU are." If you're doing your best to be a "good" neighbor/tenant, then you will recieve the same goodness in return...usually. (And if not, then goodness will ultimately change badness, so don't give up--it will change one day as long as you keep doing good!)
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