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Redwood Valley Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/21/2006
I too was suckered by the first month free rent. Everything said about this complex is true! Down to the cars getting broken into. My apartment wasn't freshly painted like I was told. Stained cabinets and countertops. Mold in the walls. Don't know if I'll get my deposit back? Expect terribly hot summers (no a/c) whether you live on the first or second floor. My male rat died of the heat. I had to be hospitalized for severe dehydration and heat stroke. Lots of kids playing in the common areas (unsurpervised) and running around screaming inside buildings back and forth. Not to mention the stentch of marijuana that fills the building hallways. Management posts up notes on the door entrances to remind tenants about the so called "drug-free" complex? Non- residents enter and exit when they want. What's the point of having a gate if it doesn't keep people out? But tenants don't care! This place is so noisy? Everyone in their building can hear it! Often tenants are awaken by the excessively loud music. I don't know whats worse? Kids screaming early morning, loud music or drug dealers! The hallways are filthy (candy wrappers, sunflower seeds). This is a real dumpster...people leaving their junk mail on the floor in a corner (mailboxes). There is a No Pet Policy with the exception small companions and birds (caged, aquarium). And yet, many people here already have cats. Dogs barking at night. Dog waste are often seen on the grass areas. I often find animal hair on my clothes (from dryers). Forget trying to do your laundry with broken washers. Tenants don't remove their laundry from the washers/dryers promptly sometimes sitting there over night. I'm an animal lover (have a pet rat). But this situation like all others have gotten out of hand. Manangement isn't there for anyone. Seems like the only thing going good here are the gardners coming by doing routine landscaping. This complex reminds me of East Oakland all over again! NASTY!! I moved out of the ------ but not to live in it again! I managed to stay this long because I haven't found a descent place to relocate but now I'm down to my last straw! Look elsewhere PLEASE! Good Luck!!
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Redwood Valley Apartment Homes

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