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The Social Chico Dorms

1400 West 3rd Street

Chico, CA 95928



Former Resident · 2020
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Office Staff
I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT RENTING FROM THE SOCIAL CHICO/TRINTY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. I was housed with a violent racist roommate - I had no choice over who I was housed with, I was not provided the opportunity to meet my roommate prior to signing the lease. It became apparent quite quickly that I had been housed with an unstable individual. When I made the property management team aware of the issue I was offered the chance to move into another property on site, at larger expense and only after accepting a 'mediation' session alongside the roommate. Given the nature of my complaint I did not feel comfortable accepting a mediation with my roommate, I did not want them to be made aware of my complaints as he had shown a predisposition towards violence. I endeavored to live at the property for another few weeks before the situation became extremely abusive and my wellbeing and possessions were threatened. I once again made the property management team aware of this and they agreed it was a bad situation and accepted that I would be moving out - I was told that it should not be an issue to end my lease in accordance with the situation I was placed into. I found alternate accommodation while I awaited the management's final verdict. They neglected to contact me so I reached out a month later and was informed that they had in fact decided to renege on the verbal agreement to end my lease. They attempted to charge me $2,500 to end the lease. After much back and forth they eventually agreed to lower the fees to over $1,500, and withheld my deposit to put towards these charges. Under the threat of being sent to collections I eventually, and reluctantly, paid the charges. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS MONEY-GRUBBING ORGANIZATION. By the way, The Social Chico is owned/operated by Trinity Property Management, a nationwide landlord firm. Because of this, any attempts to rectify financial situations are stone-walled with a "I'll pass it to my higher-ups" or "I'll pass it to my law team". It is very difficult or outright impossible to challenge unfair charges. Again, DO NOT RENT FROM THE SOCIAL CHICO. There are many other landlords in Chico with far better management and fairer policies. If I could give 0 stars, I would.
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The Social Chico Manager


Thank you for reaching out. According to our records, our team made reasonable efforts to accommodate your needs based on the information that you provided at the time. We are sorry to hear that your experience with your roommate was unpleasant and that you were unhappy with our attempts to assist you, including an offer to move you to a new home within the community immediately. Our move-out policies and pricing are clearly outlined in the lease agreement, and we encourage you to contact our Cares Team at [email protected] if you have any questions. In any case, we wish you well in your new home.

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The Social Chico Dorms

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