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Village Oaks Condominium Rntls



Resident · 2005 - 2008
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Office Staff
Here is a very honest review of Village Oaks. I have lived here for about 4 years, and will not be renewing my upcoming lease. There are a few positive things about living here. Normally, It is rather quiet on the weekends. The Apartments are nice, but, not super nice. The grounds are kept rather clean, and the maintenance staff is average. Often times, you can not get same day service on something that needs to be fixed. However, I have many bad things to say about living here. The biggest reason is, The rental office is super strict about all of its rules. Many of the rules are very trivial, and have no logic or reasoning to them. I won't get too much into what is trivial about them, because if I do, the rental office will know exactly who is writing this review. All I can say is, The office is not very nice. Many times they call early in the morning to tell you to make good on a rule, and they are often times very rude in the way that they do it. If they want a car moved, the simply call you, tell you to move your car for whatever unscheduled reason they have, and they say to move it NOW or it will be towed. Awhile back, some car ports fell ontop of a few unlucky peoples car. I was living here when that happened. They claimed it was a Uhaul truck that caused it to fall, and they never paid for the damages to the cars that were hit. However, This is bs, because, The car ports were all in a bad state. Several, not just one, but several had fallen. As a result of that, and the many bad reviews they recieved, They have been feverishly trying to fix the car ports. In their efforts to fix them, they schedule a time for you to have your car moved from the carport that is to be fixed. Well, They never ever stick to a schedule, so, when they say you won't have a carport for one day, that usually means 3-4 days. They had us move out our cars last week for this very reason, and no work was done on the day they said work would be completed. As a result, they had us move our cars today, again, no work was done. Today, I get home, and i see they put a new sign up, saying tomorrow is the day it will be fixed. I doubt it... The biggest reason for not moving here, is the Management style. They seem to have a super power trip in that office, and run a very strict ship. Sometimes, a strict ship can be a good thing, but, that only applies when there is some logic or reasoning to it. They have lied numerous times about things (again, i dont want to say, because it applies to me directly and they will know who i am). So, the good is, that it is quiet on the weekends (not weekdays), and the place is usually kept clean. On the weekdays though, they start yard work at 7am or earlier, and they use those really loud lawn mowers and leaf blowers. Mind you, the grass is literally 5 feet from your window, so, Plan i waking up early on the weekdays. As far as the pools go, on any given day, you can hear kids screaming and yelling at the pool, so, if you like to take a nap during the day, don't plan on it, there are always some kids screaming about... So, I can't stress this enough, the Rental office royally sucks, are royally rude, and never, ever ,ever bend a rule. If they say something, you can bet they mean it. There are also some small dogs around here, and many of them keep them outside on the patio. These dogs often times will bark from morning to night, and all night long. I feel bad for the people that have to live next door to these dogs. I live a few doors away from one, and It drives me nuts. You can also forget about leaving a window open during the night for a fresh breeze, the dogs and kids will put an end to that right away. In closing, there is a new girl they just hired in the Rental office. This girl is particularly rude and on a power trip. I had a conversation with her this morning, and it was that conversation which put an end to my lease. After dealing with her rudeness, it was clear this was not a place I want any part of anymore. I forgot her name already, otherwise I would put it in this review just to point her out. Now, I know, the management office will probably put a response to this bad review. It will say something of the sort like, " We are always welcome to talk to anyone about any problems or concerns... We try to make this the best living place, blah blah blah", Just keep in mind, I'm not the first to right a bad review on this place, and won't be the last. Ontop of that, think about the many people who don't even put a review on here. Most people won't take the time to write a review because maybe they don't know they can, or where they can. I assure you, I talk to my neighbors, and, With out exception, everyone has problems with this rental office. Don't move here, There are many other places near by that cost less. Oh yeah, thats the other thing, it's Super expensive to live here, so, You get to pay for all these wonderful things i mentioned. Make sure you have auto insurance if you move in, because people tend to forget how to drive and hit your car from time to time, and carports tend to fall. Don't count on the Rental office helping you in any way on either of those issues.
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Village Oaks Condominium Rntls

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