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Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
This will be long but very informative as I've lived here twice in the last decade. I'm not a negative person, at all, but this place is BAD BAD BAD! First time was around 2002 and I had a bluff view of the whole city. It was nice for back then, I had no major probs w management back then, but it was different people running the office. I moved out in 2005 only to move back in 2010. What a DISASTEROUS MISTAKE! First off - the people running the office are HORRIBLE! Extremely rude, nasty, and simply do NOT care if your place is falling down around you, LITERALLY, they will NOT help you! The area is gorgeous, and that is what will get you hooked, so be careful! Looks are DECEIVING! It's a gorgeous area, but this place was NOT kept up and is falling apart and falling down....LITERALLY FALLING DOWN!!!! I moved back in for the second time because I missed my gorgeous view. I ended up on the bluff again but the view was blocked. Not a huge deal, but I was bummed as they promised me I'd have a view of the city lights which let me tell you, that's what hooked me when I moved there in 2002 so when I was promised that again and then found out they lied, I was seriously bummed as it was 90% of the reason I went back there. They have started remodling or "upgrading" and the people they hired to do the labor and the materials they used were EXTREMELY LOW QUALITY! So they're trying to upgrade the place to look like all the newer apartments popping up everywhere, but they did such a horrid job that they should have left it the way it was - as it was in much better condition. It's really a shame because they've ruined the place, they should take some of that money and paint the outside. My parents came to visit and they rememner what it looked like back in 2002 when I lived there before and they were in shock at how run down it looked. The cabinets are cheap, peel, fall apart, the drawers dont' stay on track, anywhere- the countertops are cheap- they use to have glass doors in the bathrooms for the bathtub/shower BUT took those out, replaced it with shower curtain rods and didn't reinforce the walls so the shower rods keep falling out of the walls, literally! They do NOT USE PROPER PAINT in the bathrooms and kitchens which should be gloss and washable, they use eggshell or matte and you CAN NOT WASH it or it comes off, so when you cook or do dishes or if you have lotion on and bump the wall, it stains and never comes off. They'll give you more paint to cover it up, but the stains bleed through. It's horrible. AND they USE TO BE painted properly before they remodeled. They say their windows are double paned, but if they are, they are the crappiest windows ever - you can hear the traffic coming up Valle Vista so bad that it keeps you up all night long. The guys toilet downstairs from me had a leak, like the flapper was messed up, and every 3 minutes I'd hear running water for 10 seconds and then a HUGE BOOM like someone was BANGING the wall, and this went on 24/7 - 365 - and was happening in the bathroom below my bedroom so sleeping near impossible. It was so loud you could hear it in the livingroom and kitchen every 3 minutes ... BOOM! I asked them (literally over 10-15 times) to PLEASE fix it as I could NOT sleep. They kept saying "ok we will do it right now" and they NEVER EVER DID! I finally asked the guy downstairs if he could ask for it to be fixed - and I think he finally did it himself. He was a very nice neighbor. I lived with this for 6 months! My water heater went out (they were all going out in the whole complex) and I had luke warm water for 3-4 weeks if I was lucky - I kept begging them to fix it, and they'd would either not show up or tell me they gave the last water heater away and they'd be back, and they would never ever show up! Literally - the maintenance never shows up. And IF they do, they don't fix ANYTHING, and tell you it has to be cleared with the manager. I think they either tell them to fix the bare minimum or they're just lazy. Or Both. It was as good as asking an imaginary person to help you. It's never going to happen. Even if you call all day long. One night, I had my toilet overflow (major toilet problems there if they're not replaced with the new ones) and all the sudden I had raw sewage coming up and even after I turned the water off it would not stop- it was all over the carpet in the bedroom, etc. They did not help me till 2 days later!! And even then they sent in a guy to look at it for 2 seconds, and had a carpet guy quickly shampoo the carpet, he was in and out in less than 5 min. The padding should've been pulled up and replaced after that happened. It was like a septic tank had been pouring into my room - and I bet they never replaced the carpet even after I moved out and just left it. The countertops were suppose to be brand new - they were never reglazed and were stained, scraped, yellow, and very old looking. They never fixed that either and I was paying EXTRA for a newly remodeled unit. They were so ugly it was embarrassing. Across from my unit was a 16 yr old gothic psycho case girl that is left alone constantly. no parents around whatsoever. We finally called the police on her. It was like living in a mental facility. Carports and lightposts fall on cars -NO JOKE! They had me move mine one day in a rush only to never fix my carport that looked to be falling down and warped, still to this day! I could keep going but you can only write so much on these reviews. Do yourself a favor and stay away from there. It was like living in an WAYY Overpriced Hell! The Heights Apts are nice. Go there instead Oh here's somethinge else that will surely piss u off too if u decide to not take my advice and actually move in that place... their vertical blinds look like theyre from 1983 and r squiggly...warped... and falling off... and also dont fit the window.. meaning theyre too small for the window. When i asked the AMAZINGLY TRAINED maintenance guys to plz fix it.. they said ITS A SPECIAL ORDER IT MIGHT TAKE A WHILE... yea ok smart guy, try calling 2 day blinds! So after 3 months of no blinds still the maintenance guy tells me TO JUST BUY CURTAINS! Wow... can i take that off my rent??? Unbelievable!
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