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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2007
While I was thrilled to move in, under the old management, I was not thrilled by the conditions. I: used this website before I moved in (at the time the rating was very high....I think about 70%) so I want to try to be honest and helpful to anyone considering moving here.<br>PARKING - HORRIBLE!!! I rented a first level apartment with an attached garage for ease of getting kids and groceries into the house when my husband is deployed. Then found that I could only BARELY fit my Honda Odessy into the garage. It wasn't worth trying to maneuver around it and I definately didn't have room to pull a carseat out of it. So I ended up having to pay an extra $30 a month for a carport just to have a normal size parking space (their "Open" parking spots are only sized to accomodate compact cars.....so if you have a vehicle larger than that, beware!!!!) There are a handful of normal size open spots, but once someone parks there, don't expect them to move anytime soon!<br>NOISE LEVEL - Not to bad....my old upstairs neighbors let their kids tromp around at all hours of the day and night.....but the new ones aren't so bad. And you can't really hear voice or tv noises....just walking.<br>Grounds - Used to be nice....not so much anymore. They cut down all the bushes outside of my patio a couple of months ago (for winter maybe?) but it looks terrible!!! Plus, what I thought when I moved in was a wonderful feature of the community....they pick the trash up from your front doorstep twice a week....has turned out to be a nightmare. Although people aren't supposed to leave it out until the morning trash is supposed to be picked up, they leave their garbage out whenever they want....AND not just at their doorstep but by the garage or the sidewalk or WHEREVER!!! And recently, there have been a couple of times the staff has just not picked up my trash so it just sits there until the next time. <br>SAFETY - I've never seen any problems....I don't think there's enough lighting but I've never seen any problems with cars being vandalized.<br>CONSTRUCTION - The best way I can describe it is piss poor (sorry...but it's true!) The carpet is not even all the way to the walls in many spots....I've had to put barriers up to keep my small kids and dog from getting at the edges. The carpet also stains horribly for no apparent reason. I could understand a stain where something spilled....but there are just random dark spots that appear because this carpet is so cheap.....they'll come out if you scrub it with resolve, but I've never seen worse carpet wear! One of my daughters drew on the wall with a pencil and I used a wet (no soap even) paper towel to try to get the markings off the wall and the paint came off! Cheap, cheap, cheap all around. Pretty much would I would expect from a run of the mill apartment, but not from something that's supposed to be "premier".<br>MAINTENANCE - Can't say much about maintenance...called them only once or twice. I know it took two or three calls to get them to the house one of the times, but they took care of the problem.<br>OFFICE STAFF - Always very friendly, but about 98% of the time seemed like they had NO IDEA what was going on. If you ask a question, they don't know the answer or where to look. The manager just needs to sit up front b/c there is not much of a reason to pay those people to do anything....b/c they're NOT doing anything useful! As for management, I've had an issue with my account with them for MONTHS. I've been trying to fix this and it STILL has not been resolved. Be sure to keep VERY GOOD RECORDS of all monies paid to them b/c their record keeping is NOT GOOD!!!<br>OVERALL - It is livable....but for $400 less dollars a month, I'm getting a house 2 miles away with a big yard and much more living space. Really check out your options before you decide if you want to live here.....
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