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Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
Over the years that ive rented apartments in the greater Sacramento area, i would really like to take the time and let the public know how awful these apartments are. First, be prepared for you apartment to be "randomly" checked multiple times a year. The management will give you a no questions asked notice letting you know that they will be coming into your home. Oh and they have no respect with it either. My girlfriend at the time, literally was getting out of the shower when they knocked once and entered at their own will. Im not kidding, and this kind of behavior by the staff wasn't unusual as we had this kind of instance happen a couple of times. And of course, while they were inside the home, you were cited for anything that was damaged or out of their rules... So just a fair warning, fix everything you plan to fix before these folks come barging in. Lets see another topic.... oh! The FLEA issue. I would highly recommend if you stay in this dump, please do not own any pets. The flea issue is outrageous! Immediately upon moving in, our cat (which was an inside pet only) was COVERED in fleas. The entire time we lived there, our home was covered in fleas. Non stop battle trying to rid the home of fleas, and it never worked. I literally was able to walk on the grass outside of the home, and fleas would jump on my pants. I couldnt believe it. Of course multiple times we contacted the oh so wonderful staff, and of course nothing was taken action. Actually once they told me they sprayed outside for fleas.. oh man that was a joke. But the flea problem comes from 50+ stray cats that roam the complex. And lemme tell ya, there is literally like 50 cats everywhere. But where does this review take us from here? Should i mention the homeless/ scammer dumpster divers that i would see every single morning taking garbage bags full of "PAPER". Oh ya, seriously, id watch them countless mornings taking trash bags full of peoples mail and haul it off in a back of a green chevy truck. Wouldnt surprise me the least bit, if too this day, its still going on. Because the entire time i lived there for the year and a half, they were still there. And of course why would the management do anything? lol. What else can i talk about? The black mold in your house? All the extra B.S. charges when you move out? The random people stealing items and furniture from you open porch?The pervert man, on the north building top floor, that always stares at you while your in the pool? The millions of kids that run around all the damn time and make a ton of noise? Or is it the magnitude of people that are living on welfare in the complex? Because that always brings in the greatest crowd. Oh and with that, congrats if you stay here, the walls are paper thin. So you can only imagine where i could go with that...This place is endless. I could write a book on how aweful it is here and as well as the management (seriously i have like 20 other things i wanna say but this review is getting too long). Whats hilarious is they always try to put a hot girl in the office as the face of the company. Its comical. Read the reviews and take your money elsewhere. If the insides of the apartments were gorgeous, then maybe there is something too consider, but seriously, they are a dump as with the entirety of that complex.
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