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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 04/13/2007
First off, Foxborough is a nice community. The grounds are well kept and for the most part it's pretty quiet for an apartment complex. It's true that the parking situation is all bad. It's also true that your car may end up a bit dented, but that's how it is anywhere there's mass parking. So, as I said in the headline, people who hate on this complex need to chill. For the cost per month and convienient location, it's really a nice place to call home. <br><br>Granted I've only been living there for a few months, but so far they've been pretty quiet months. My neighbors are kind and respectful for the most part and I don't worry about walking out to my car, even when the gate is left wide open. I think the gate will always have issues, but then that's understandable given the number of cars that pass through it each night. <br><br>For anyone looking for good value and a serene setting, I think this complex meets that expectation. I tell people all the time that I enjoy where I live. Sure I could live somewhere nicer, but I'd also have to pay more. Since that's not possible for me at the moment, I'll just sit back and thank my lucky stars I've found a nice affordable place. <br><br>**one more thing, I really like the floor plan. The two bedroom I live in is ideal for a roomate situation. The rooms are on complete opposite sides of the living room from eachother. The kitchen is huge too. Much MUCH nicer then the place I used to live in in Folsom.<br><br>:)<br><br>
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