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Hidden Oaks



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Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/13/2002
If you want your child to become a foul mouth, vandalizing, no respect for anyone little punk, then this is the place for you. Here at hidden oaks, you can let your child (no matter what age) run around care free and hope that your neighbors will make sure they stay out of trouble for you. If your child is half way decent and you want him to learn every single bad word there is, come to this community. Yes, thats right, here at hidden oaks you will be able to expand your vocabulary with words you, yourself would have never thought of using, and yet here your beloved child is using them daily. And if you want your child to learn about pot before you tell him, just send him outside to the parking lot where you will find your GETTO neighbors, (whom by the way I don´t even think they lived near my apartment) getting high in their car (why not their own home?) while your child rides his bike in front of his own home. <br>I learned my lesson, I let my son play outside, slightly unsupervised and he became a foul mouth a**hole, running around with no respect for anyone. He is currently grounded for life! and is only allowed to play right out in front of our apartment. It´s pretty much been that way since we moved there. So if you have a child and do decide to move there, don´t let him/her play with the kids who already live there. My rent has already been raised and I have only lived there a little over a year. OH and did I mention it´s a mini GETTO, right off of Auburn blvd. My neighbors are great, haven´t really had any problems with them, but the kids around there are PUNKS, unsupervised PUNKS, parents don´t even check on them to make sure they stay out of trouble.
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Hidden Oaks

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