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Oaks At Stock Ranch



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/11/2002
I moved to these apts after living in a great townhouse that had been sold. When searching for a new place I came to the Oaks. The staff at that time were friendly and told us it was a great place to live. We were concerned about the location and were told that there was no crime, several police lived in the complex and a portion of the rent went to pay for security (as well as maintance). Well...after living here a short while, things went haywire. One day while sitting on the sofa some man tried to open my door, thank god I had it locked. Our car has been broken into and even reporting it to the slacker staff didn´t help, it has been broken into several times since. The ants have invaded and mice too. When you do contact the staff to have them fix things, they put you off or straight lie to get out of doing it. I know that rent goes up, and that fine, but come on.....the rent goes up every time your lease is up. You cant afford to move because of the high rent and having to fix your car every other week. The office staff has stopped accepting your packages, which even the delivery men complain about and the mail has been broken into a couple of times this week alone. The office staff sent a notice to let people know, but didn´t alert anyone when my car has been broken into. <br><br>This place is a absolute JOKE! I would advise anyone looking to run far far away as fast as you can. <br><br>It´s too bad, the apartments are really nice. Well, as long as you can find your apartment....none of them are marked and it takes months to get a light bulb changed. <br>I have come back to edit this review because since I submitted my comments, we now have to drive to the post office to get our mail. Not from a box, but you have to stand in line while they sift everyones mail in the complex to get yours.
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Oaks At Stock Ranch

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