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Salishan Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2007
Before you move in, the sales people will tell you how long they've lived here, and how wonderful it is. They will tell you that there have never been any problems with any vandalism, car break ins, and how great the security is. Well, the thing is, if you actually do some research, such as go to this website, and read the real reviews, you will see that there are nothing but problems. The only thing that I've learned that has been fixed since these reviews began is that the spa is scalding hot now, not lukewarm. Just last week, 8-30-07 there were an astonishing 3 vehicle break ins all in the same night! Still this evening, there is still glass in the middle of the parking lot. The maintenance staff has not found this to be something that is required to clean up. There have been no fliers put out on doors stating any of this, no head's up that there are thieves among us and to be weary. Nothing of the sort indeed. Apparently this is a regular thing and not seen as a big deal to the management. The parking lot is very dark, with no lighting in many areas, the supposed security guards are unseen by tenants. I have been told by other current tenants that the management is "Full of S&%T" The neighbor kids (teenagers) from the low-income housing next to the apartment raid the pool, and carry weapons with them. There has been a car that was parked, hit and ran in the parking lot. For the amount of reviews I have read on this, it appears that management staff is the only reviews that have been at all positive. I find it interesting that there are an abundance of rants about how terrible it is at Salishan Apartments, and then out of the blue there will be an I love it here! just to bring up the rating slightly, and to lure you in, but don't let it fool you, they are liars. The gates allow multiple vehicles to enter off of one key card, yes I said key cards, so when it's raining outside, be ready to roll your window down and stick your arm out into the rain to get in! The location of the mailboxes works out well though, there are several mail box stations located all throughout the complex making it easily accessible on the bright side. The maintenance staff actually came to my home to do some repairs, I inquired about some other things that were a nuisance, and I was told "I have to go grab some other tools from the cart, and I'll be right back"... it's been a month and that cart must be pretty damned far away for the person to still be searching for the tools! Overall, I'd say move somewhere else!
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Salishan Apartments

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