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Nova Pointe



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pissdrentr • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/16/2005
So I have been here for a few months--looked great when I looked at it-had lived here before and at that time there were no problems. This time around it's different--mngmnt was great as they took my check for deposit but I was going to be in for a surprise once I moved in. During the day it's wonderful and pretty and clean but once that sun goes down it becomes another world. Thugs running around in packs-people smoking pot in common areas-the security gates are always broken so anyone from the outside can just drive in and commit any type of crime they want and leave. Cars are getting broken into-you always see the Colton police dapartment driving thru here. Mngmnt is less than willing to egt back to you for any problems you might be having from maintenance to security reasons. Yeah the rent isn't outrageous but if you are worried abouth your safety or the safety of your kids STAY AWAY. My car had been broken into twice-clothes stolen from laundry room and mngmnt takes no responsibility for that. Yeah there are a few nice ladies working in the office-but I think they rent to anyone to just fill in vacancies. They also accept section 8 here which at times brings in a rowdy crowd. I know there are people who use section 8 who are good citizens but you know what I mean alot of them are brought up in bad enviorments so you have those problems here. It isn't what it looks like. Don't do what i did and that was I read these reviews before I move in and thought they were disgruntled tenants but now I know it's all true what people on here are posting. I am going to break my lease and get the hell out of here--sucks because this could be such a great place to live if mngmnt looked after the happenings that go on here.By the way try up the street from here apartments near fiesta village from what I hear it is much safer there and crime free unlike this place.
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Nova Pointe

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