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Santos Plaza Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
When I was looking for an apartment I fell in love with this building for the location. I was "lucky" enough to get an apartment on the fourth floor (5-story building - first 2 stories are garage and Floors 3-5 are apartments). I can hear every footstep by the person above me and every word spoken by the person below me (I am not exaggerating). I am sure they can hear the same of me so I live taking tip-toe steps and keep my private converations to a whisper. You can smell what people are cooking and can hear people's conversations in the corridors. The elevator has been off and on for weeks at a time. The manager is an annoying loud and close-talker. As others have stated, she wont let you get a word in when discussing apartment issues (a true "know-it-all"). The facility itself is not "clean" to my standards. There is always something gross on the floor and walls in the elevator and the carpets in the corridors are stained and smell. My apartment was supposedly freshly painted right before I moved in, but I found splatters of some sort of red sauce (I hope it was sauce) on the ceiling and walls in the kitchen so I HAD to get out my rubber gloves and cleaning products to clean everything before I could settle in. The laundry room (4 washers/4 dryers) is in the garage on the second floor. Good luck hiking up and down the narrow stairwell with your laundry when the elevator is not working. I find it easier to just go to the laundry mat. The ONLY plus to this building is location-location-location. I love living in downtown Concord. Between farmer's market, the theater, shopping center within walking distance, bars, and mass amounts of restaurants, I find myself never home (which is a positive in this building).
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Santos Plaza Apartments

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