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Santos Plaza Apartments



Resident · 2004 - 2007
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Office Staff
I lived in Santos Plaza Apts. from 12/2004 - 12/2007. I lived on the fifth floor of the complex. First the negative points. I HATED the bar across the street. Loud and annoying bikes would zoom around especially late at night. Like with most apartments,noise from water pipes could be heard which I always felt guilty about since I woke up so early to take a shower. However everything else about my experience about the place was great! The view that I got from my apartment was nice. Concord as everyone knows gets HOT, but the wind currents always gave a nice cool breeze from where I was. One of the things I was grateful for was the security systems that were placed and fervently projected by the manager Claire. From reading some of the posts things have been unfairly said about her. I was there for three years and I never had a problem with her. In fact, she was always helpful and fair with how she treated me. I was sad to leave my apartment in the end. The only problems I saw were other tenants trying to get away with things here and there. The rules are firmly set in place for everyone's safety and comfort. If one person slides and feels entitled to bend the rules here and there then it's not fair to anyone. If you want a straight forward management that has your safety in mind and like living in a great location, then Santos Plaza apts. is the place for you. The location is great and the management always strive to make the place secure and safe for everyone.Only good luck in getting a vacant apartment. The place fills out fast!
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Santos Plaza Apartments

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