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Santos Plaza Apartments



Resident · 2009
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
TENANT 1: My girlfriend and I love this place. This apartment complex is one of the best I have lived in. The common areas are clean and decorated in a modern fashion. The elevator always works and it's certificate is always up to date. The parking is gated and safe. It even has a separate parking garage for guests. Sometimes the guest parking honor system is abused by local shoppers, but its better than parking in a two hour spot on the street and is rarely full. The inside of my apartment was in good shape when I moved in. Walls were clean and freshly painted. The bathroom is very spacious. The only two gripes I really have are the bar across the street (yelling and motorcycles) and my apartment happens to be right next to the elevator, although you usually sleep through it. Claire (the building manager) is strict but very fair. There were a few months where I was financially burdened and was forced to pay rent late and she was understanding. She has been very fair in regards to all aspects in being a tenant. Some people who have lived here had bad mouthed her, but I have noticed these are the people who got kicked out for not being able to abide by the rules of the complex. TENANT 2: As far as security goes, you couldn't ask for a better apartment manager. She keeps non-tenants out of the building; ie: your random vagrant or solicitor. I feel very safe here, and feel better knowing that not only is my car in a private gated garage, but that there are cameras on it as well. It's an amenity you usually only find in a "luxury" apartment. I also, like another reviewer said, feel as though the manager is unjustly targeted in complaints. She is firm, and very much about business, but she has a heart. When I applied here I was honest that my credit sucked, but that I had good references from previous landlords. She gave me a fair chance, because I got the apartment. If she weren't strict about the rules of the building (in which there are over 50 units) then people would be having loud parties, smoking in the hallways, and trashing the place. As for hearing the neighbors, very rarely. It's a fairly considerate building, people I run into in the elevator are always polite, if not friendly. And I've never heard pipes, I'm grateful for just how quiet this apartment is, because I've lived in Los Angeles and New York...this place is not the noise haven people are trying to portray it as. The laundry room is a bit small, but even on a Saturday, when everyone is home, you can still get a load in the washer, it's not obscene by any means. There's an amazing, ambient little coffee shop called Panama Red right around the corner from the apartment, and a Starbucks a block away if you're partial to the monopoly. There's a family restaurant and a book store on the block too, and lots of banks in the area. Safeway is half a mile or less from the apartment too, so it's a really convenient location any way you slice it. There's even a movie theater and sushi within walking distance, along with a Walgreen's. There are two freeway entrances within a mile. In the summer there's free concerts at the Todos Santos (my apartment overlooks it) park, and it's a clean place that's safe to bring your kids. There's a Farmer's Market every Tuesday year round; and more frequently in the summer.
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Santos Plaza Apartments

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