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650 Ebbcreek Drive

Corona, CA 92880



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/11/2007
I loved living at the Springs until another management team bought the complex. The staff is horrible. There have been countless new staff members and then they end up transfering (probabaly because they are frustrated like us!). The staff says that they will call you back and they never do. We had a termite problem that turned into a huge nightmare! They handled it really bad. The parking system is horrible. People have unregistered cars parked in spaces causing me to park clear across the complex. When the new management took over rent went up $100!!! What?!! Guess what nothing has changed....what was the raise in rent for?? Our neighbor upstairs smokes and his ashes fall onto our porch and they mix with the water from his plants dripping down(he has no catch under his plant to trap the water)....our proch is disgusting, can't even use it. My brand new christmas bike was stolen off our patio. Make sure if you move in that you check your carpet. Our carpet looked great until we started walking on it and all these mysterious stains started appearing all over. It's so gross. Dishwasher leaves hard water stains on all the dishes. You are going to be forced into buying renters insurance which was another expense added to the high rent. The security guards at night hang out in one spot and do nothing. We are moving to the RiverRidge apartments across the street. They cost more but the extras you get are worth it! The staff there is wonderful!!! Hope this has been helpful.
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Avana Springs

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