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650 Ebbcreek Drive

Corona, CA 92880



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Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/19/2007
I've been a resident here for over two years, and recently this complex has turned into a zoo. We used to have a security guard walk the grounds, but have not seen one in about 4 months. I have brought it to the attention of the management company, and they swear to me that a guard does indeed walk the grounds. The back gate on Harrington Ave is usually broken. I constantly see people outside drinking, and smoking pot, management doesn't seem to care, because I have mentioned that to them and it still happens on a daily basis. The carpet is really hard to keep clean, because the outside is very dirty. Although I haven't seen any, other residents, and the previous menagement company has told me that they have had several complaints of rodents. At night you can hear scratching in the walls and roof, probably the rodents, like I said I have never seen one though. The walls are paper thin and I can hear m neighbors next door clearly. Parking used to be an issue, but lately there is always parking(maybe because everyone is moving out). I have decided to take the hit and pay the fee for terminating my lease, since it is no longer safe in these apts. Trust me if you are considering moving here DON'T the price is cheap, but you'll end up regreting it!
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Avana Springs

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