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Hensley at Corona Pointe Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2005
Baywood Villa is now named Waterstone at Corona Pointe and here are the facts: The conversion to the new name reflects the renovations mainly to the rental office and clubhouse. New impressive pillars and stylish lettering adorn the entries to the complex itself. The rental office has been upgraded in appearance with similar stone/marble trim. Alas, however the exterior of the apartments themselves remain quite the same, and one still notes broken common area lighting, warped or broken utility access doors, and other items in less than perfect condition. The complex itself remains quite liveable but yet does not begin to measure up to the image the ownership is trying to portray. Once again, after being sold & resold and sold again, it is, if not in name, in reality still Baywood Villas. The best part of this complex has always been the maintenance people who fix items inside the apartments very quickly. Despite the exterior items mentioned above not repaired, the complex has a nice visual appearance, however it is going to take much more than another coat of proverbial paint ( the color scheme has been changed sveral times in a short period of time) to justify the huge rental rates. This complex can be best described as a nice family complex, but in no way does it qualify as a "luxury" rental apartment complex. while the apartments have lots of "curb appeal" the apartments are small and lack the luxury items one expects at the rental rates they charge there. There are no fireplaces, tennis courts, RV parking, etc. Would be renters will find only several swimming pools/jacuzzis (complex is quite large) and a make shift basketball hoop in the parking area stands as a doubtful amenity. There are few enclosed garages even though one would expect full attached garages at the current rates. They even charge for water, trash, sewer and carport rentals here! The complex has lots of potential that it just doesn't live up to and for the money there are many nicer places in Corona Hills or South Corona instead of the pretend "high rent district" that these apartments rather wistfully try to pretend to be a part of. In it's current state this complex would be better marketed to the low to medium family housing market because of its proximity to the local high school (where a student was recently chased down and stabbed to death in the neighborhood)and it's lack of true luixury features. Even the so called luxury features at times leave much to be desired such as the painfully small stacking washer and dryer hookups that are installed in the alcove on the ( yes, you guessed it..) patio area. (some units have full size we are told.) It has the typical cieling fans and vertical blinds that are common in even the most run down rental units these days (because of the lowering of costs on those items to near dirt cheap.) In short, Waterstone at Corona Pointe is the typical presentation of "wow 'em with first impressions of the office...they won't notice the rest until after the lease is signed.." corporate mentality...Other factors to consider are the miniscule (considering the size of the complex, a city block long or more..) meagerly appointed workout room, mainly carport or "open" parking,continually broken security gates for both cars and pedetrians,etc. One has to wonder about the wisdom of repainting the complex and the expense of it when the gates and other items aren't fixed.(One of the car enries has broken probably at least on average of 5-25 times each month.) It seems reasonable to conclude the place has been put on a budget when it comes to real renovation and repairs and that the corporate higher ups are as usual, trying to pull the wool over would be renters eyes while thinking themselves quite clever. We cannot recommend renting here at the curret rates. They are simply way overpriced even before one is told the costs of paying for (what should be included in the overhead) water and trash, sewer,etc. etc. We feel that fair rates for this complex should be somwhere below $900 for the best 2 bdrm 2 ba units, with lesser units considerably cheaper. It is apparent that the corporate mucky mucks have the mistaken idea that the city of Corona is in fact much nicer than it is. while parts of Corona are quite nice, this area where Waterstone is located on the edge of an industrial park, a mobile home park, and a high school is not one of them no matter how hard they try the PR gambit to make it otherwise. They obviously haven't driven down Banbury Drive in Riverside or toured Corona HIlls to get an idea of what true luxury apartments are like. The are of course probably unwilling to expend the capital to add actual true upgrades necessary for the apts to fall into the luxury category. In closing we mention the continual dust in the area (there used to be a rock quarry nearby) the lack of a real shopping mall, although one is planned someday, and the awful gridlock at the nearest major intersection of Magnolia & Rimpau that seemingly is ever present (although it must be only during rush hour) that is something to consider for those supposed quick trips to the corner store...no, not the Ralphs that was recently closed, but the lower end market that replaced it..)To be fair, we would advise renting here, as we said if the rates were much much lower and reality set in..after all being a decent place or a nice place to live is ok for some isn't it?<br>That is what Waterstone/Baywood Villa is, and that is all renters should be expected to pay for...
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Hensley at Corona Pointe Apartments

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