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27 Seventy Five Mesa Verde Apartments Homes



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rollergirl • Resident 2000 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/01/2002
Great location and nice landscape concept, as it is situated on a lake. Landscape is pretty well maintained, although at times the lake is very dirty, and sometimes even smelly. Living units are decnt, but a bit outdated for the high price. <br>I´ve lived at Villa Venetia for 15 months, and all was pretty well, aside from a few incidents and the move-out process. <br>I initially moved to Villa Venetia, coming from another state as part of a company paid job relocation. The move-in process was pretty difficult, as they do not seem prepared to deal with somebody doing business with them from another part of the country. They charged me a premium on my security deposit of 250.00 for being an out of state applicant. After my move-in, I dealt with numerous parking issues as you may only have one parking space per unit and visitors must have an official visitor´s pass (one per unit), but that was the least of the problems I was to face. I had a one bedroom apt. in which I was the only name on my lease. There is one particular instance where management broke the law and my trust by allowing an acquaintance of mine into my apartment without checking the names on my lease, or even bothering to call me on my home or cellular phone. It was a total violation of my privace, as I was home, and in an awkward position as this had occured. I was apologized to, and advised that a write-up of the inciddent would be drwan up for my protection purposes, but a few days later when I had contacted them to obtain my copy, was advised that it was "misplaced" and that they would rather forget that it ever happened. I´m easygoing and wanted to avoid conflict, so I let it go (big mistake). I´ve had a few minor maintenance issues, but those have been attended to in a timely fashion-so no complaints there. <br>Upon move out, my apartment was in satisfactory condition, in which the apartment management agreed. However, as I earlier stated, I had to put an extra 250.00 security deposit down for being and out-of-stater, which is clearly noted on my lease and lease renewal. Somehow, Villa Venetia lost record of this and only refunded 320.00 of the 650.00 I originally put down. The only chgarges assessed was a carpet cleaning and partial painting, totaling 80.00. Management advised that the books were incorrectly managed and somehow the extra 250.00 was used for something else unaccounted for, so because of their poor bookkeeping, I had to take a loss of 250.00. I was able to furnish a copy of my original lease, lease renewal, cashiers check for 650.00 and carbon copies of all my rent checks, in which they acted like I was not entitled to the money as it was a mistake in their bookkeeping. <br>Today is a month and a half since I´ve moved out and I have still not received any apologies, reconcilliation, or explanation. <br>Although, the view, location, and grounds are nice, it is not worth dealing with the headaches and two-faced management strategy that is upheld at the Villa Venetia.
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27 Seventy Five Mesa Verde Apartments Homes

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