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3400 Avenue of the Arts Apartments



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jijosie • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2005
Overall I have found that the neighbors keep to themselves and aren't overly friendly. If you are looking to make friends with your neighbors, this isn't really the place. <br><br>Parking is good. We have one reserved spot, but there are a lot of visitor spots available that you can park in if you have multiple cars. However, there are lots of pipes running through the parking areas, and they frequently are leaking and drip water on your car, which sucks if you like your car to be clean.<br><br>They have loud pool parties a few times a year, which a lot of people seem to like, but I don't. I am in bldg A across a driveway from the pool, and the music from the parties is blasted so loud that I can't even hear my tv if it is at full volume. IF you like peace and quiet, stay as far away from the main pool as you can. <br><br>We have had repeated problems with other people clogging up their sink and then it backing up into our sink- yuck. We are on the 1st floor and when it rains, our balcony gets flooded and the only thing they will do about it is to send someone over in a day or so to mop up the water. They won't actually fix the problem in the first place. <br><br>When we first moved in there were weekly newsletters promising things like changing the gates to a card key system. It has been 6 months since they were "installing it in a few weeks" and they no longer are sending us weekly newsletters. They just stopped with no explanation.<br><br>You have to pay your water bill, which varies in price, with your rent all in one payment or they will not accept your money and will charge you $$$ for your rent being late.<br><br>It's not the worst place to live. I like having a lot of stores nearby. I may keep living here is they don't raise the rent too much just because it is within walking distance of my work. If it weren't for that, I would definitely move.
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3400 Avenue of the Arts Apartments

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