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Camden Martinique

2855 Pinecreek Drive

Costa Mesa, CA 92626



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2007
I ve lived here for almost two years. . . And they haven t been the best two years of my life. Unfortunately, I will never get them back. For one, I really don t like or trust parking my truck in the secure parking underground. I ve been called twice because I back into my parking space and somewhere in my lease it says I can t do that for some reason. Then a week later I caught the tow truck guy towing my truck from my own space because my truck was parked in my roommates space and not the one that my truck was registered for. I had to run up to my apt and show the tow truck guy my parking permit paper so he wouldn t steal my truck. And another thing, do not leave your car parked in the road that runs through the apartments. The Southside tow guys will steal your car the first chance they get. My room mate was moving in, had his car running with the hazards on , and when we came back out the tow truck had his car already up on the back of the truck. We pretty much had to pay him about half of what he would of if his car was towed. They circle the parking lot like vultures and just wait for people to run into their apt to grab something. They have it down to a science where they can steal a car in under 30 seconds (we ve timed them) so watch out. <br><br>Then the management will not take the time to help you out. They care more about selling this crap holes apt then helping out those who call this home. We had a clogged sink and I went in there myself and told them about it. They told me it could 1 to 3 days to fix it. And to no doubt, they waited till the 3rd day when they came in and it took them almost a full minute to fix it. Don t even bother trying to call them, they never pick up and there voice mail boxes are always filled (because they don t answer) so you can t even leave one. On the top of that, the washer and dryers suck. Half of them don t even work and the other half rip your clothes in half. Then even if your clothes get cleaned, they could get stolen so your better off taking them off to a cleaners. Its funny, when they need you to do something, they are all over your --- but when you need them to help you out, they don t even lift a finger.<br><br>The inside of their apartments are also crap. All they do is throw another layer of paint over damaged walls so it doesn t make that much of a difference. (if you paint a 84 cavalier, its still a crappy 84 cavalier only with a new paint job). We moved in, and somehow their were dirty hand prints on the ceiling. Their was an early 90 s dish washer installed. Which all it did was shot dirty water up on my dishes and made them more dirty. It took them a month and a half to replace it. My bathroom was horrible. There was mold along the top of the shower and the bathroom doors was hideous. <br><br>On the weekends, my only advice is to wear a hard hat when you leave your apt. I ve witnessed glass beer bottles being tossed from the 3rd and 4th floor on a number of difference occasions. There are always parties going on here and some old guy in a bright yellow that thinks that his in charge but only calls the cops when someone tells him off. And the cops I think have their on separate police office here because they pretty much are always here. I ve seen the swat team here once and a couple of drug dogs here at least once a month. I ve even had the police knock on my door b/c they said we were playing our music too loud during one of our poker nights. We were playing poker so our music wasn t even that loud, it was just that our windows were cracked and they were mad that the drug lord upstairs had moved out the day before so they didn t get to bust him. We must have sumo wrestlers as our new upstairs neighbors because I can hear ever step they make, there isn t any padding on the floors which means you hear everything that goes on, and I mean everything. <br><br>They only reason I would move in here is if I was 18-22 years old and my parents were paying my rent. This is a party place and they are trying to change this by raising the rent to an outrageous amount but this is orange county and parents will pay this so their child can be close to OCC . So don t move here b/c it looks nice. Please read this review and realize that this place is not even a relaxing place to live and that you will regret it a month into your lease and then your trapped. These many people can t be wrong about the Camdens. You would think being the 3rd largest apartment company in the U.S. they could get things right but that doesn t seem to get it down. Just don t move here!<br>
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Camden Martinique

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