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Coast Apartments

400 Merrimac Way, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(19 Reviews)
$2,234 - $2,368/mo

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Resident 2017 - 2018


This is such a great community. The people are friendly and it is always quite quiet. There is an elevator and card operated laundry on site. 2 grills and a fire pit! The grounds are beautiful and well kept and management is very helpful! The renovated units are amazing, you can tell a lot of thought and hard work went into making Coast Apartments beautiful again!

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    Resident 2013 - 2017


    They treat any new resident with everything the need, one your here and here for a while they stop to care. Had my car towed out of my own spot after, new owners decided to gave away our assigned parking to a new resident. After yelling at management, they still blamed us and we had to pay $250 to get it out and now their new thing is to charged $40 a month for parking. Its all about money to them not how you like it. its off harbor blvd so theres a lot of "walkers around" if you know what i mean, lots of places better specially when the building is 60 years old. -Resident for the last 4-5 years.

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      Resident 2010 - 2017


      My boyfriend and I have been living on the property for probably close to 7 years. I would say overall our experience with Coast Apartments has been ok. We are not real pleased with the management style or the way issues are handled. We had to stay in a hotel for an extended period of time while our apt was being repaired from water damage. The way the repairs and the hotel accommodations were handled was a total mess. The hotel was never extended out and we constantly were locked out of our hotel room inconvenience. The management on the property at the time was not real efficient and things just slipped through the cracks. The communication via the manager, Rose was horrible and not very professional. There was never any follow through. She would tell us on multiple occasions that she would get back to us on an issue and she never did. She was very unprofessional in her way of running the office. We have submitted multiple maintenance requests and the majority of them have not been addressed.

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        Resident 2006 - 2017


        Following a significant water intrusion from a leak in the unit above ours Pan American and its subcontractors have done an amazing and highly professional job of restoration and repair. Although the severity and extent of damage was not initially recognized, once it was the team's response was truly amazing. Each team member demonstrated not only professionalism and expertise in their specific job function but also were amazingly friendly, responsive and extremely considerate of our needs. We would like to specifically commend and extend our gratitude to each of the following individuals; Rose, our ever cheerful resident Community Manager. Adam and Joe from ServPro, amazing technical knowledge and capability in determining hidden damage. Carl, not sure of his title within your company but he scheduled work and coordinated the various team members with expediency and every consideration of our needs. Tony and Walt, again not sure of their titles within the company but it should be "working class heroes", "supermen of numerous crafts" or maybe "professional miracle workers". These two gentlemen are not only incredible craftsmen but are probably the best ambassadors of goodwill your company could ask for. Given that they had to completely demolish and rebuild our… See More>
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          Resident 2012 - 2013


          Terrible! The management is horrible; repairs don't get made when requested; apartments are small; 2 bedroom, 1 bath; 4 cupboards in the kitchen, no storage, only just over 700 square feet for $1575. Feels very old on the inside. Too much. Only amenities are a pool. Very basic. No onsite management. Have to pay for everything, trash, water, even your parking space. Can't even wash your car, they took that away; no trash cans. Littered. Been here for a year and looking now that our lease it up. I think any other place would be an improvement.

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            Resident 2008 - 2012


            I currently live there and have for quite some time. I'm disappointed in the way that this place has taken a turn for the worse. It's gone from a quaint, charming, affordable and familiy oriented community to a corporate, you are just another number and we don't care about you atmosphere. The parking leaves something to be desired, but more importantly there is no service, they don't care how long you have lived there or that you are a great tenant. They just want money, the rent has increased severely and the service there sucks. The last review is a plant, Kim- the manager is awful. She is never around and when she is she's useless. She is with her boyfriend that park illegally at the complex, that is her main concern. Over all this was a great place and now you can better else where.

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              Resident 2011 - 2012


              Best Little Apartments Around

              Was looking for an apartment for my husband ,myself and our little dog and literally stumbled on to this place. Kim is the nicest and most accommodating manager that I have ever had the pleasure to know. The court yard interior with the waterfall and lush landscaping is so serene and calming. The mix is very eclectic, with people who have lived here for years and those of us who have only been here a short time. My boss from work,who was looking for an apartment moved in and is totally happy here. Can't say enough good things about the place.

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                prospectiveVisited 2012


                Manager seems really nice -- (btw, this is now Coast Apartments)

                I've been searching for an apartment over the past week to find something closer to work, and I saw the reviews on this one so I thought I'd check it out. The floor plans on these apartments were a little too small for my taste, but it had a beautiful atrium with a fountain and lush greenery all over. If there were any noise from people talking on their cell phones outside of their apartment, the fountain would dull that noise, so I thought that was a clever way to handle it. I expected bugs to come along with that, but I didn't see a single one when I was checking out the place. I think there's more than one apartment rep / manager, but I spoke to Kim and she's the sweetest Apt Manager I've encountered yet. She's maintained communication throughout my apartment search, and I wish there were some way that I could live there and give her a great review as a resident. The rent was reasonable and the place was quiet. It wasn't full of partiers that I'd expect in a nice place next to OCC. It simply… See More>
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                  Resident 2011


                  reviewed the wrong casa granada. please delete this review. i never lived here

                  reviewed the wrong casa granada. please delete this review. i never lived here

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                    Resident 2008


                    Home away from home at CASA GRANADA (not grande)

                    A little background on me. I move out here from NJ and was very nervous about the move. I was trying to find an apartment over the internet and becoming more and more frustrated. Then I found Casa Granada. The superintendent (Monica) was amazing. She took photos for me of the entire facility and even measured to make sure the 18 wheeler moving my stuff across the country would be able to unload. The facility is 100% secure and the grounds are beautiful. The pool is exquisite and there are two grills for the tenants to use free of charge. The apartment was spacious, completely remodeled, had tons of closets, and was extremely quiet. The complex has a very family like atmosphere. All of the tenants are extremely friendly. The superintendent (Monica) goes out of her way to make it feel like home. She is by far the best landlord I have had. The lease is month to month which makes it very attractive. The only reason I moved out is because I purchased a home. Casa Granada is my home away from home. The rent is the most reasonable I found in Orange County. Take it from me, if you… See More>
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                      Resident 2008


                      A nice place to live

                      Pros: - Small complex, not a beehive - Right next to the OCC campus - Very spacious rooms - Affordable! (probably the best deal in this area) - The inner part of the complex is pretty - The manager is very friendly (goodlooking happy lady with kids) Cons: - Parking (you may face problems with two cars) - Laundry has only top loaders (hard to wash delicates) Casa Granada is a very enjoyable place to live. I loved it there. I had to move out only because I needed a second parking spot. Otherwise, I would have definitely stayed.

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                        Resident 2006 - 2008


                        Very happy here.

                        I noticed there hasn't been a new review of this place for a few years, so I wanted to chime in. We moved in under the "new" manager, and she's wonderful. Very pleasant, and handles problems quickly. They have also been working constantly on improvements, including painting, new air conditioners and new windows last year. The grounds are beautiful, featuring a courtyard with pool, waterfall, trees, and flowers. My major complaint about the place would be parking. Resident parking seems to be ample, but there are only 4 guest spots and 3 spaces for street parking. The only other place for your guests to park would be the nearby college, where they might get ticketed. By the way, it's CASA GRANADA, not "Grande."

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                          Resident 2004



                          I am sad that these apartments got such a bad rap from the old Manager. The new manager is amazing and wonderful. She is even throwing us a party on the 4th of July. I love the tropical feel of the place and the rent is cheap so you can't beat it. The parking is a bit of a situation. Even though there is a huge college parking lot right there your guests can't use it.

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                            Resident 1998 - 2003


                            Not so Bad!

                            It is affordable living in a decent community. The building is older and the plumbing could be better. But it is safe and cheap.

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                              Resident 1992 - 2002


                              Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!

                              In the wonderful month of February the old, and I mean old manager of Casa Granada was fired from her much too long reign of terror. The apartment comlex now has new management and life in Casa Granada is much happier.

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                                Resident 1999 - 2002


                                MANAGEMENT SUCKS!!!

                                With the exception of Dottie, the resident manager, this complex is wonderful. The apartments are spacious, the neighbors are great, and the grounds are nicely kept. The only problems encountered here are with Dottie or because of Dottie. She plays favorites with tenants and everyone else is an enemy. She is ALWAYS offensively drunk, standing in her kitchen window screaming at residents walking by, or storming around the complex on a quest to make people´s lives Hell. She makes up rules on a whim and charges tenants for trivial things. She ignors anything of importance, but focuses her energy on making sure that anyone that is not her "friend" is miserable. She will only heat the pool June, July, and August. The recreation room is a storage unit for her junk with a pool table. The rec. room was once closed for 3 months so she could store her furniture in there while she had her apartment renovated and painted. These are the two amenities we have , unless you want to include the tiny laundry room that provides 5 washers and 5 dryers for a 60 unit-complex. Most… See More>
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                                  Resident 2002


                                  DON´T THINK OF IT

                                  Under the current management, i would not recommend this complex to my worst enemy! Too many problems to list- overall, there is a "-------ish" feeling to the complex with the managment around. Frequently, she is heard screaming and berating various tenants, within earshot of every other tenant in the complex. <br>She is frequently drunk. This creates trouble such as things to be fixed in apartments are promised, then "forgotten", the slip you fill out when you move in, listing what needs to be fixed or repaired, gets "lost" so if you shuld move out, you get charged for items that were broken when you moved in, security deposits are not only illegally kept by the managment, but she makes up a host of various charges, and most tenants who move out get a final bill, which says they owe her money. Never have I left a complex without being fully refunded my security deposit- until Casa Granada. <br> <br>Bottom line- under the current managment, this place would not be recommended to my worst enemy. Each day is like a nightmare, where you must sneak in and out of your apartment, keeping all doors and windows shut, shuld she see you and… See More>
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                                    Resident 2001


                                    let me out!!!!!!!

                                    The grounds are kept up fairly well. Pretty small complex, kind of has the feel of a motel. The management is a nightmare. Can not remember anything from one day to the next- things promised when moving in- such as screen doors or a decrease in rent for only having 1 parking space turn out not to happen. The parking situation is a nightmare- there is no parking except for the one spot assigned to each apartment. Anyone else will be either towed or must park at the college and be ticketed. Not many children live here, the ones who do are not allowed to play outside without "adult supervision". They will get yelled at by the manager for pretty much anything, from rolling a beach ball along the sidewalk, to blowing bublles to walking around the sidewalks talking to each other. Overall, if you are single, don´t plan on having friends EVER coming to your home, or having any children around, AND if you are a hermit who doesnt mind sitting in your apartment with your doors shut, not too bad of a place to live.

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                                      Resident 2000 - 2003


                                      A final review before leaving...

                                      I must say that things have vastly improved since I first moved in here three years ago. Once management changed, this place has been going uphill ever since, slowly but surely. Everything has improved from the grounds to maintenance to the laundry room. It´s amazing what a difference a manager can make. I am really going to miss living here. The only reason we´re moving is because we need a larger apartment due to additions to the family. I´ll miss everyone here, neighbors and managment.

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                                        2 Beds, 1 Bath
                                        2 Beds, 1.5 Baths

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                                        Coast Apartments is an apartment in Costa Mesa in zip code 92626. This community has a 2 Beds, 1 - 1.5 Baths, and is for rent for $2,234 - $2,368. Nearby cities include Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, and Newport Coast.

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