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Mediterranean Village Costa Mesa

2400 Harbor Blvd

Costa Mesa, CA 92626



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/14/2002
This place was an absolute DUMP. I lived on the first floor in a 1 bedroom with den, 1.5 bath floor plan. A few months after I moved in (around November) the heating stopped working in my apartment. The thermostat needle bottomed out at 50 degrees and the fans just blew cold air. I contacted the office about this problem and after a few days they finally sent someone over to look at it. The told me the motor up in the ceiling was broken, and they (apparently) replaced it one day while I was at work. This didn´t solve the problem so I complained again. A lazy maintenance worker came by, held his hand under the vent which was blowing cold air, and said, "No, I feel warm air; it´s working fine." Then he told me if it was still too cold, i should just use the gas fireplace (which didn´t heat up the place at all). I ended up buying a space heater to get through the winter. <br> <br>A few months after the heating broke, a bunch of juveniles moved into the unit above mine. They would sit out on their balcony and drink and party and then just toss their garbage over the railing onto my patio...the hedge around my patio was covered with candy wrappers, beer cans, tissues, and other trash. I complained to the staff about this and after about a week the trash was finally cleaned up. <br> <br>Next, my mailbox broke (I couldn´t latch it shut). The postman would put my mail in the box and then, since he couldn´t shut it, would just leave it hanging open for anyone to poke through. Around this same time, I had an incident of bank fraud against my checking account. I have no proof that the two events are related, but go figure. Of course, it took them about a month to actually address the broken mailbox, at which time they replaced the mailboxes with new ones. <br> <br>The parking was hell; people would always park in the fire zones and block me so that I could not even back out of my spot. My bedroom faced the parking lot and at 2 or 3 in the morning I´d awake to people driving by with their windows down and blasting rap music at full volume. One time the perpetually-broken gate started closing as I was driving through it and put a dent in my fender. Another tenant told me his car was similarly damaged. The management claimed no responsibility. <br> <br>The garbage truck would come at 6 or 7 in the morning and make so much noise that it was impossible to sleep. And people´s car alarms would constantly go off at night or early in the morning and keep blaring for 30 or 40 minutes at a time. <br> <br> <br>There were also ant infestations against which the fumigation seemed ineffective, and on at least two occasions I found lizards in the apartment. <br> <br> <br>I would not recommend this filthy hell-hole to ANYONE. There are many places in Costa Mesa that are far better than this, at comparable rents. The management is utterly and completely incompetent, and the maintenance staff is downright lazy.
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Mediterranean Village Costa Mesa

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