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Monrovia Apartments



Resident · 2005 - 2009
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Office Staff
I lived at the Monrovia Apartments for about 4.5 years. The parking there is better than most complexes. You get 1 garaged space with a storage area which you can padlock, I liked that. You also get an uncovered space. Since it is a smaller apartment community, the walk from the garage to your unit is relatively short. The noise at the community was mostly a result of the neighbors. Although they always have their weekly leaf blowers and lawn mowers bugging you at 8AM on Wednesday. In all of my time there, I called the police to make noise complaints about 4 times. Once the girl renting beneath my was making loud sexual noises, so I wrote her an anonymous letter and fixed that problem. The grounds are typically very well kept. No trash, debris, or other things like this. It is always clean and well lit. A big problem at this complex though was the ants. If you so much as leave a smidgeon of peanut butter in your sink, the ants will swarm. Sometimes they don't even act like normal ants. Sometimes they just swarm across your carpet to the other side of your apartment without any consideration for food. I didn't know what was with those ants, but I'm happy that I don't have to deal with them anymore. I never felt unsafe at the apartment complex, but I did have some reservations with regards to the sophistication (read - lack thereof) of some of the other tenants in the community. I would overhear discussions of drug deals on a regular basis, one of the tenants was a stripper, and I had to call the police for a domestic violence incident which occurred a few units away from me. I believe this problem may reflect poor tenant screening on behalf of the management, but I can't be certain of that. The quality of workmanship in the apartment units was fairly cheap. The doors are cheap, the light fixtures are cheap, the toilets are cheap, the sinks are cheap - EVERYTHING IS CHEAP! This stuff didn't bother me that much, although I did replace the shower head in my shower/tub combo because water just dribbled out of it. The only thing that irked me really was the in-room heater unit which was attached to the wall. It smelled, it took up space, and didn't work very well. I ended up buying an electric space heater at Wal-Mart and used that instead. Where Monrovia really shines is in the staff & maintenance department. The management was always very prompt and courteous in addressing my concerns for things inside the units which weren't functioning properly. Usually any issue I brought up would be corrected within 48 hours, and it was always done right the first time. I did bring up complaints against the neighbors, and judging by the other reviews here, I believe those issues were also corrected. The largest problem I had with Monrovia was the lack of amenities. There's no air conditioning, no in room laundry, no dish washer, no jacuzzi, the pool is not heated, and there's no fitness center. For those reasons, I would not recommend the Monrovia Apartments. However, if you don't mind the lack of those creature comforts, then by all means put it on your list.
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Monrovia Apartments

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