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Monrovia Apartments



Resident · 2003 - 2017
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Office Staff
Dogs, pets, dogs and pets. More dogs and more pets. Barking, crying, constant. Take note of the poop receptacles in the common area. (courtyard) Perfect level so your kids can have a snack. No liners, just dog turds for all to smell and gaze at. Nice landscaping although it gets peed on constantly by pets and the colony of skunks that live in the area drainage system. Every fixture and all materials are plastic and cheap. Cheaper than cheap. Think of a converted Motel 6 close to 100 years old. Western Management's take on the high rent is, "what the market will bear." Super high priced for being in a Tijuana like area. Never the less, if you can't function in a city without having pets wiping their anus's on the carpet, by all means, move right in. And by the way, most just lock their pets in all day, everyday. The complex was OK with the previous manager Olga with no dogs allowed and 1/3 less cost. Now with new manager (who doesn't live on site), the place is an official bunghole. Landscape and site pictures sure look nice tho with trick photography. To sum it all up? If you rent here, my condolences.
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Monrovia Apartments

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