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South Point Apartments



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southpointe • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2007
Hi, I'm the manager, and if you want to know the story about the loser who wrote "the ----- runs this hell hole," please call me directly at 714-662-3222 OR STOP BY and see our beautiful ammenities. I will give you ALL the details about what this person is ticked off about. Now, privacy laws prevent me from giving his name or address but let me assure you he doesn't just pay a few days late...he's REALLY LATE. <br><br>About his garage door: he won't let us do any repairs without his being present. We've scheduled a vendor, who actually came out numerous times but he is never available. <br><br>As for the dating....HE WISHES! He begged that I should go out with him so I simply joined him for a friendly dinner after which time we shook hands. Admittedly it was pleasant conversation but that was all. (And my company does know about this and they can't stop laughing at me and what I fool I was! I'm laughing too. It really is some good stuff). Anyway, when he was late on his rent AGAIN I simply called him to let him know that his failure to pay on time was costing me my bonus. Well he really freaked out and went up to corporate and made a total fool of himself. <br><br>He is being asked to leave for non payment of rent. I find it funny that I'm supposed to care about his finances but he doesn't care about mine. Very typical of selfish people. Every problem they have is everyone else's fault. <br><br>Thank You, <br>Darla Jones<br>Resident Manager<br>
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South Point Apartments

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