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sylvia1234567 • Resident 2016 Recommended
Reviewed 05/20/2016
I felt this place warranted a review. First and foremost I just moved to the area from out of town for work. When searching for a place to live I had a ton of questions. What struck me about this place and enticed me to come and look at them was by all means not the reviews. Rather, it was my phone conversation with the manager. I won't bother to put her name because I don't want to slash it with my misspelling. Its not your usual common name. Anyway, I had a ton of questions, not so much about the rent, deposit etc. although important. I was more interested in the area. She was sweet and patient with me on the phone even with all my ridiculous questions. She seemed to know the area very well. She even mentioned some hiking trails in the area. When I got to the property I was not to pleased about being directly on a busy street. But when going in the place it has an entirely different feel then from the outside. It is quiet park like setting. When I got to the office I was surprised how outdated it was. But after getting all the information about upcoming changes it seemed as though it would eventually look nice. Again I still was not convinced as moving in to a community that is under contruction is kind of scary. you never know how long it will actually take to be complete. When she told me she did not have any 1 bedrooms to show me I was definitely discouraged. But she mentioned that she had a 2 bedroom that I could see. I didn't want to see it, since it was not at all what I was looking for. But I figured what the heck I was already there. When looking at the 2 bedroom it felt clean and spacious. Everything in the place was practically brand new just as she described. She did a great job explain the differences between the 1 and 2 bedroom and gave me a clear picture of what I would be getting. When going back to the office she brought out a map and highlighted all the 1 bedrooms and asked which location I would prefer. I liked that she just didn't choose one for me. I was able to pick where I wanted to be based on what was coming up. She also pulled up some pictures of the finished renovations to show me how it would look when everything is done. I was very reluctant to choose or even apply. She gave me an application and didn't pressure me to apply. She even suggested other communities in the area for me to look at. After viewing everything else in the area. I decided to move here. She truly was the deciding factor for me. When I returned the next day, she asked how everything went with the other places I toured. It seemed like she genuinely cared. During the time I submitted my application it felt very friendly and we had a great conversation. I asked how long I would know before I would get a result on the application. And with a smile she pulled papers from the printer and slided them to me. When I looked down it was my congratulations letter! I was so excited and surprised that she had already ran my application. She mentioned she still had to verify other items, before giving me an ultimate yes. but the credit portion was completed. (so basically if I didn't lie on my application I was good) I received all the paperwork that day, all the info I needed to move in. It was the easiest process I have ever been through. She allowed me to handle everything else via email. and I didn't see her again until the day I moved in. When walking in on that day she seemed just as excited as I was as if she was getting a new apartment too. When walking in the apartment it looked great! We did an inspection and there were a couple things that needed to be fixed but nothing major. She gave me my copy of the inspection and said when I get settled if I notice anything else to put it on the form and bring it to her to put it in my file. Which I thought was great, because you really don't start to notice the small things until you actually start to unpack. I did have to wait a couple of days for my mail keys because the lock needed to be changed or something. I think that was the only thing that that went side ways during the whole process. So far, I love my new place and just as she said the construction started on the day she said. and it looks like it will be great. They are working fast too, you can already see how it will look. Or it might be because she had already showed me pictures and I can see how the pictures she showed me is turning out in the actual work.
Arrow Village Apartment Homes Manager05/24/2016

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We're so glad that our leasing staff made your first experience at Arrow Village a positive one. We promise that you'll see that same attitude in everyone here, and hope you'll be happy with us for years to come.

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Arrow Village Apartment Homes

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