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Arrow Village Apartment Homes



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Chelsochoa • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/09/2017
Do not live here. Not worth the price. New renovations with cheap materials (which will deteriorate and you will end up paying for upon move out). They have roaches, and the manager tried to play it off to us by saying they were "water bugs". They weren't. It got so bad to the point where anytime someone went into the kitchen, we would have to kill 5 at once. Neighbors are loud at night, some guys were actually screaming every single night playing video games until like 2-3am, and there is no one there to monitor or regulate it. Things were constantly breaking down, and we had to have the same issue fixed 3-4 times until we said "forget it". Now we're fighting a battle upon move out due to a deal that was made and isn't being upheld (our fault for relying on the manager's word). We were told if we moved out early, then we could leave some time for them to fix up the apartment for the new tenants, who could move in on the beginning of March and we wouldn't have to pay rent for the remaining part of the lease. We had some minor damage to the apartment (we have dogs) and 3 days (Tuesday) before we left (Friday), were told by the manager that if we left that weekend then the apartment could be ready for the new tenants to move in on March 4th so we wouldn't have to pay up to the lease and save some money. We had to scramble to pack, rent a truck, and move in 3 days. She told us that it takes one week to clean the apartment. We left on February 18th: 2 weeks before the new tenants move in date which was more than enough time to clean the apartment and fix the minor damage, and one month before our lease was up on March 18th. A week or so later we got an email from her, telling us that we would be responsible for rent up until March 11th because of the "damages" to the apartment. Well, after that we went by the apartment to pick up some mail left there and we saw all the materials needed to fix the damages just sitting in the apartment waiting to be installed. It had been a week and a half by that point. You would think that the damages would need to be fixed before cleaning the apartment? So basically this apartment complex screwed us over in the way that we now have to basically pay up to the lease, while at the same time leading and rushing us to vacate the apartment a month early! DO NOT LIVE HERE! THEY ARE SHADY!
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Arrow Village Apartment Homes

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