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Arrow Village Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 12/28/2012
Why do we continue with this power bash? The ones that loved the old manager for whatever reason, against the ones that care for the new manager.... Really, we're here to express to the owner what kind of quality living we get from our apartments, how our needs are met if they are and how we feel this could improve at the end. Let's start with the first and foremost important subject, the area, the Arrow Highway corridor and the location of the complex, we're somehow very blessed, we're not in the Covina ------, but this is not San Dimas either, but in general we're in pretty good location close to everything that we all may need, now a great distinction in this complex is that I've seen the manager at 1 or 2 am making sure we're secure when bums break-in and they re going through cars or when there's weird activity in the parking lot, which is something I never saw from the old manager, this alone I consider a big plus because no one gets paid to put themselves in danger and even with all this the new manager has shown the commitment she s got for her job serving us the tenants. And don t forget she s a woman too. Second subject, that everyone talks smack about, the laundry room; well, I was out and about today at 6am with the rain, and the manager was in the laundry room cleaning, the only difference I see from her vs the old manager is that it was always the old manager's --------- and both maintenance guys, cleaning the laundry room and the grounds, maybe we need to ask the new manager's --------- to come and clean the laundry room and put the maintenance guy with him to do it. If this is what we're talking about then maybe that's why everyone feels it was cleaner, there were 3 guys doing it that s a lot of hands. Now, the apartments situation, with the old manager, she was ok, but for the last two years she was hardly around, I even thought I had a new manager because the maintenance guy was the manager and the maintenance director, meaning he was always in the office answering the phones, helping renting the apartments, gossiping all day long with the tenants, but never doing a single thing that had to do with maintenance, well except telling his brother in law what was the next order to perform in the grounds. That's what I saw back then, the new manager, she's to my personal opinion trying too hard to please everyone, and unfortunately it doesn't work that way, on those loyal to the old manager who hate the new manager you should really step back and see the bigger picture because your quality of life here it s about to be upgraded to something you have never experienced. I will make this very clear, with the old manager you have to be part of her personal favorite club in order to get special privileges, like drinking on the pool area, sometimes with her, letting you barbeque on a charcoal grill on your wooden balcony day and night, let you run a mock on the premises annoying everyone with huge parties with inflatable toys, tents, beer like if it was going out style just to leave the grounds dirty the next day and have again the maintenance guys to clean the mess. On my case, the old manager and I had a few conflicts and we argued more than once, the difference is she yelled profanity to direct herself to me when we were in the argument and I never crossed that line. Since the new manager I have not needed to even raise my voice, yes I have to wait for a few things that are not considered emergency, but nothing that can t be resolved or where my privileges were constrained like with the old manager. Bottom line is this. Old Manager or New Manager, it s all about choices and it s all about respecting whoever is in command, if you don t like the way this property is getting better by the day, where your kids can play and where there s no drinking in public, where you can actually feel secure and taken care of, then it s very simple, do like the other people that has left, and let us the ones like myself that have kids, that need a place for them to run and enjoy been kids; there s plenty of us in this complex with this same situation, even the ones that are barely about to become parents think this way too, this tells you that something is getting done right and stop writing non-sense to retaliate . Good day and Happy New Year people.
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