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Arrow Village Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 04/22/2013
In response to the person posting a review stating that you have lived 8 years in this place, I moved-in here more recently than that but things have only got better after the departure of the old manager and let's be honest none of things you state are true, the only reason I personally know my neighbors are having problems or have been asked to leave it's because they're always late or they think this is party central and yes the management has no tolerance for this type of individuals, this is a family oriented community that is drug, smoke and alcohol free and there's nothing wrong, I will remind you that this is one of the reasons you let your kids out more at ease you moron. There's no need to post lies of any kind I can speak for at least 80 to 90% of my community and the truth is that our place it's a very nice complex, I never had issues my apartment it's always serviced, some issues take longer than others but at the end everything gets done, the grounds are always manicured, I personally have used the pool and the spa 3 times this month so I don't see what this reviewer it's talking about. The roach situation only happens in dirty homes, this is a fact, since you're so smart google it; in homes where you don't leave candy, or food laying around this doesn't happen. I have lived in other apartment complexes and it's always the same song, only the filthy apartments have roach or bedbug issues. Have more asepsis for yourself and none of this would be an issue in your apartment. The kids situation, a very important issue, well yes certain kids and the lack of supervision of their parents has become an issue, that bugs me too, I see kids running loose, I personally catched --------------------------- the managers office ---------- brothers that ----------------, a ------ kid that belongs -------- on a ------------------ and others getting water from inside the washing machines, other time throwing mud inside one of the machines, first I laugh it off because it was the manager's clothes, but it's a shame that your kids do that, specially you the kid from the ----------- and you the --------------------. I have also catched other 2 tenants putting chlorine on the manager's clothes which is a very malicious act. I have never said anything to the poor manager and some days she comes out like nothing with her clothes all chlorine stained and like her or not, I'm thinking in telling the manager who pulled these pranks on her. Also I will remember you that this is a punishable crime. Let's be honest and get to the core of the problem, yes I don't like more than you do that I can't drink in the pool. All this lady has done, it's upgrading our life's, yes your kids can play now without the issue of belligerent drunks trying to touch them, or druggies creeping on them, appreciate that, take care of your families and if you post at least post the truth of what happens here. You know who you are, I know who you are, there's no need to go beyond the truth to elongate it or to mischaracterize someone that has helped you and your families live in a better, more peaceful, low crime community. Love your community and God Bless you, that you find peace in your heart after the statements you have made.
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Arrow Village Apartment Homes

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