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Covina Grand

1160 North Conwell Avenue

Covina, CA 91722



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LLFigment • Resident 2001 Recommended
Reviewed 11/27/2001
After a shaky start (we were told one thing on the phone, and another thing when we got there---straightened out within 1-2 days though), we found the move-in very easy. The complex has changed management since we moved in, but they seem to do a good job. <br> <br>However, since we moved in, the fire alarms have gone off in the middle of the night THREE times. All three were false alarms...apparently kids living in the area (not in the complex) were the cause of at least two, and the third was a resident setting it off while drunk. <br> <br>The front doors to the complex seem NEVER to be locked, allowing access by non-residents, and the security gates to the parking areas are more often broken than not, allowing non-resident access to the parking areas. Th reason: parents in the complex allowing (or not preventing) their children to "ride" the gates when they are opening or closing. While this area of Covina is not a particularly UNsafe area, some measures should be taken to prevent unauthorized entry---if only to prevent the fire alarms from being set off as a prank! <br> <br>Some apartments on the lower floors have patios with small yards. However, there do not appear to be any faucets to facilitate watering of plants on these patios! <br> <br>Parking is adequate; they have carports and garages available for a monthly fee. One bedroom apartments are allowed one parking permit; two and three bedroom apartments are allowed two permits (one permit allowing you to park in one space). You must have a permit to park in the gated areas, and management is serious about having cars towed that do not display a permit. The catch is, you have to call and report it. Another caveat: if you want a carport or garage, you give up one of your regular spaces. This means you can´t use your garage as a storage space and expect to park in a regular parking space. <br> <br>Pets are allowed; there is a pet deposit. <br> <br>Some apartments come with a washer/dryer. Be warned: the full-size washer and dryer (separate pieces) are located in the living room area. They offer another option: a washer/dryer combo in one unit. Yes, all activities are done in the same piece of equipment. It´s not a dryer stacked atop a washer. It´s one piece. You can get about 6 pieces of clothing washed and dried at one time, and it takes a good 2-3 hours to do a complete load. The laundry rooms (one per floor) are really inadequate for the number of people living in the complex. Each room has 2 washers and 3 dryers. Best bets: either live with the washer and dryer in your living room or go to the laundromat up the street. <br> <br>On the whole, I would recommend Hallmark Apartments as a nice place to live. The management representatives are friendly and helpful for the most part. The complex is in a fairly nice area, close to retail shops, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and a movie theater complex. Freeway access (210 to the north, 10 to the south) is between 2-5 minutes away. There is an elementary school just up the street. The street the apartments are on dead-ends just beyond the elementary school, so the only access is out the way you came in.
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Covina Grand

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