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Covina Grand



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
My roommate and I just moved in, we have two cars, but were given only one parking. I was told by the office the extra car can park on the street, but never told that parking on the street in NEVER available. 2 days after our move-in, I came home from work at 3:30 in the morning, I drove and drove up and down the street for 45 minutes with no luck, finally my roommate let me in To the buildings parking and had no option but to park on a parking not being use. Woke up to find my car gone, it was towed! Cost me $300 to get it out. Went to the office with my issue that at 3:30 in the morning when I come home, I m never going to find parking, so maybe there s an open parking I can use; I was told by the receptionist that no extra parking is available, but that they do have garages for rent at $150 extra a month, that s $150 on top of the rent, I obviously can t afford it, so I asked if I can maybe get it at a cheaper price because of my situation, this girl went to go talk to the Manager to see what she can do, girl comes backs to tell me manager can t give me a discount at all. I mean, this is a real problem for me, besides, I see the garages empty, no one is renting garages for that price, and the Manager cannot do anything to help my situation? BS! Next day came home and was lucky to find parking on the street at 3:30 am, woke up next morning with a ticket for parking without a city permit! I was like WHAT!! Didn t know I needed a permit, was never told by Claudia when we signed our lease, went back to office explained situation and asked for the manager to pay for my ticket since I was never told by her staff, again, receptionist goes up to talk to manager, comes back and tells me that it s not the buildings responsibility, that it was mine. I said, excuse? You guys never told me about needing a permit, so you have to pay for it. Poor girl, goes back to see manager and finally the manager showed her face and introduced herself as Tania, she again tells me that she cannot pay for the ticket that I had to, not the building. I told her was never told by her staff so it is her responsibility, by now Manager is talking to me like I owe her something, like she didn t have time for me no more. I said this is unfair, manger just look at me and said: anything else? Turned around and left to her upstairs office. The girl at the office just said I m sorry, wish I could help you and gave me hug. That manager has zero customer service skills, is rude and don t care. A week later we re trying to use our oven and out of nowhere hundreds of roaches started coming out, they were everywhere, called the office to speak to manager and of course she had someone else handle the problem, spoke to a girl that I could not understand a word she said because of her accent, but was told an exterminator will come in and fix the problem, 3 days later he shows up to fumigate my place and I m told he needs to do so for 4 weeks because it was infested, how could they give us an apartment infested with roaches? We couldn t believe it! We were grossed out!! Then it started raining, and the roof on my roommates room caved in and was leaking water onto her bed, we called the office and they send help, they arrived with buckets to hold the water but we were told they couldn t not fix problem until stops raining, my roommate had to sleep on the couch for 3 days, her brand new bed is ruined, her comforter as well. We both went back to the office to talk to the manager who again, instead of her helping us she send another employee, and we said to her we want to see the manager not you, she went back upstairs and manager came down. Manager looked at us like we re wasting her time, almost like she was going out of her way to be talking to us, we told her we wanted to break our lease that we were unhappy and wanted to move out, manager told us that we are responsible until the end of the lease and that if we break it can ruin our credit, we told her about all the problems we were having she just seem annoyed, like there was nothing she can do to help us. We are stuck here for a whole year, we HATE IT! Parking is a nightmare, there s roaches all over, the building office changes staff almost every month, there s always a new girl answering phones, and they have zero customer service or regard for their residents, Manager is useless and rude. DON T MOVE HERE, SAFE YOUR SELF A HEADACHE! WISH SOMEONE WARNED US AS WELL!!
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Covina Grand

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