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Covina Grand



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I've lived at this complex for about a year and a half. When we first came to visit the property, it was quiet, clean and looked ideal. Upon moving in, we enjoyed our apartment (Which was relatively spacious and we had a view of the hills which was nice) but we realized almost immediately how many issues we were going to have. Our upstairs neighbor was a DJ and would play the same song over and over until the wee hours of the night and he would get in knock-down drag-out fights with his girlfriend that lasted hours (which we had to repeatedly call the cops), down the hall we have some pot smokers that fill the halls with the pungeant smell of weed, children hang out outside our hall and talk (loudly, I might add), ding dong ditch us, race through the halls screaming and other fun things like that. I tried to do laundry a couple times, but it was too expensive and their washing machines ruined half of my nice new towels with bleach stains and one was just completely chewed up and destroyed. They only assign each unit one spot so if there is another adult with a vehicle they are S.O.L. When we first moved in I was assigned a spot, only to find they assigned the same spot to someone else, only to be reassigned to another spot. I have also had several people park in my new spot and was forced to park on the street, in the rain, with some freshly cleaned and dried laundry (which I had to do elsewhere because their laundry room blows). The cherry on the cake came when I came home to a notice on the door. They were notifying me our rent was going up when we renew our lease and if we choose to leave, we have to give 30 days notice...which would have been that day. They gave us this information exactly 30 days before our lease was up, pretty much giving us 2 hours to decide if we wanted to renew our lease for more money. I can't believe the management company thinks this place is worth was we pay. SOMEONE LITERALLY ---- IN THE POOL. Super classy, I TOTALLY want to pay more to live in a dump.
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Covina Grand

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