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Keswick Court Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/02/2011
New management came around May/Jun 2011. Before that, maintance was horrible. Only deal with management is...they provide shelter. We provide rent every month without fail. For any complaints.., they take care according to their convenient. No time, may take anywhere between 3 days to 3 months or Zero response. Just depend on luck of your complaint. I lost hopes about management. During May/Jun 2011, new management came into picture. Felt happy, was hoping so many miracles will happend. Just in a month, new management proved that earlier management was much better than this new management. Sad thing is ... this new management thinks that they are very honest and doing so many things. At least old management... they may not do any good things. But no harm. Never tell lie. New management... always gives troubles. * Ex: they say Need to paint your room, vacate the room. From our side help is zero . They forget the fact that we pay rent for entire unit. If we give one of our room for one week for them, how to manage, especially if you have kids. * one more ex: One fresh morning, they asked us to vacate parking lots. They said, need to do something parking lots (very difficult to understand what bull ---- they are going to do). if we ask how long... they never tell truth. always lie, take couple of days. Need to park our vehicles on road. It is not easy to get parking lot on road. Normal days itself it is very difficult, imagine all of a sudden, ~60 cars started parking on the road. It is difficult to get parking lot less than a mile distance. Sad thing is , our neighbor s job is travelling. He comes to apartment once in a while. Management towed his car, he doesn t know about parking repair. As soon as he come back, he started worring about his car. This new management forget the fact that..., tenants are paying rent along with parking. On the top of that they thinks, they are doing great things. I never suggest this apartment to anyone, though they give free of cost.
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Keswick Court Apartments

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