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Keswick Court Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/22/2012
by far, one of the WORST apartments i have ever lived in. -Management... what management? they're only around when it's rent day. -the complex had 3 management changes over the last year. -tenants dont give a ---- b/c they know no one will hold them accountable. Music is blasting all hours of the day and there's no one to complain to b/c management is never available. -trash bins are always full. there's alway food and trash all over the drive way. local animals who wonder the street at nights are always in the trash bins because the lids can't be shut, hence food being all over the place. -random people parking in your parking spot and not being able to park in your spot late at night. -the noise from La Cienega is beyond irritating. can't hear anything!!!! cops with their sirens zooming up and down every night. Loud obnoxious cars speeding up and down every night. - half the apt has noise proof windows the other half doesn't. -the laundry is filthy. also, last year they changed the plumbing right before the holidays. who the F*** does that. Not only did we not have running water we had to empty out the entire house in order for the walls to be broken so that they could fix the plumbing. did i mention this was during Christmas. Did i mention no one had complained about water leaks or damage. They just decided it was time to change to copper plumbing and the time was during Christmas. Also, it started around Thanksgiving and didn't end until after Christmas. save your money and the headache. DONT MOVE INTO THIS ---- HOLE.
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Keswick Court Apartments

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