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Keswick Court Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/26/2006
My Roommate and I have lived in Keswick Court Apartments for just a few months and we are moving out. we can't stand it anymore! The plumbing is horrible! We had sewage back up into our showers, beige water comes out of the sinks from time to time, and often you smell the stench of the sewer coming up through the pipes. The management/owner is the worst part though! They give you the run around and lie to you about anything and everything to get out of helping you solve any problems you have with your apartment. You would not believe what we've been through with these poeple! And all the tenants I've talk to have had the same experience and can't wait to get out. The place is also noisey (from traffic and tenants)and don't expect to actually get to park in your covered spot...other poeple will park in your space or block you in/out of it. The managers don't give a damn and will not call a towing company on poeple parked illegally, despite the signs up that say they will. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone!!! They should be sewed for taking advantage and screwing poeple over. And if my roomate and I could find them on the Better Business Bureau, we'd report them...but they can't be found.
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Keswick Court Apartments

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