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Keswick Court Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/26/2007
It's costing me $2300 a month for the privelege of listening to the thumping bass and intolerable loud music from various neighbors apartments. Although they are violating civil code by doing nothing to control the noise levels, the management has made it abundantly clear that they couldn't care less. I have resorted to calling the police more than a half dozen times in the three and a half months I've lived here. In addition, the wall are so thin I can hear the television and conversations from the nextdoor neighbors, and they keep things at a more than reasonable volume. If that's not enough, we had a near break-in through a hatchway in our bathroom that leads to the attic because it wasn't sealed or locked--there was just a loose piece of balsa wood that had been caulked and painted to give the appearance of safety! And the management's answer to the problem was not to cover the hole completely, but to nail a piece of plywood over the opening (a very easy thing to remove for any would-be burglers.) Finally, the plumbing is outdated, the windows don't have secure locks and none of the laundry machines work properly. In their online ad, the Keswick Court Apartments claim to have "responsive management" and I've come to realize that means that they will call you back within a day and then do nothing to adequately fix the problem. Stay away!
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Keswick Court Apartments

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