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Meadows Apartments

6300 Green Valley Circle

Culver City, CA 90230



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/26/2007
I fell in love with the serene beauty of the complex but soon regretted it. Crime, hassles, rudeness, and unbelieveable costs sum up the problems at the Meadows. This was the only truly bad living experience I've ever had. I had so many hassles here it chased me out of LA.<br><br>The rent increased $100 every year and they charged us nearly $2000 to replace the carpet when we moved out despite the fact that the 3 dime sized spots were not visible with a naked eye and only showed up with the shading of their digital camera. They completely cheated us out of our deposit. The apartment was very clean, but they charged us excessively. When confronted, management responded by saying "Take us to court, we go frequently and have good lawyers."<br><br>Staff was rude, cold, and unresponsive to our concerns. Safety was a problem. My car windshield was smashed and my boyfriend had a bullet shot through his passanger side window in his car. I was approached in the laundry room by a man with his ----- hanging out of his pants. While loading suitcases into our car in the parking garage, leaving our apt for 5 minutes we returned to find a stranger entering our apt while his friend relaxed on our porch. They did not leave until we insisted. There was no response from the complex about these issues despite a rash of break-ins while we lived there. I also had a couple mail packages stolen and my newspaper was stolen nearly every day unless i picked it up at 5am when it was delivered.<br><br>Parking was a nightmare, as was noise. The walls were paper thin so you can always hear neighbors walking, talking arguing, cleaning, and having sex, and maintenance consistently ran loud machinery before 7 am. We frequently had problems with our neighbors old food sludge and cigarette butts backing up into our bathtub. YUCK! The washing machine we pain an extra $100 a month for didn't work at all and only served to shrink and burn..yes burn...all our clothes. The solution from maintenance was that we should only place 1 item in the washer at a time. They also told us to submit a claim for the burnt ans shrunken clothing, then refused to pay it.<br><br>Pros: Available facilities, greenery, library in club house, yearly party with petting zoo, pony rides, and free food.<br><br>Cons: No Parking, excessive crime, rude/apathetic staff, incompetent security, noise, backed-up pipes, exogenous costs, and deceptive move-out practices
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Meadows Apartments

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