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Monarch Coast



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/12/2006
Words of advice and caution - Treat your pre-move in inspection with the utmost care and caution. Take your time. Make sure you document (have them document) absolutely each and every thing, no matter how minute, that is less than perfect and/or less than new. <br><br>ANY AND ALL stains / imperfections in the carpet, ANY AND ALL nicks / mars / smudges on the drywall, ANY AND ALL nicks / stains / scratches on the kitchen counters and cabinets. No matter what you do, how well you clean, and/or who you hire to clean, if the apartment is returned to Lyon Management/Monarch Coast with even the slightest blemish, if it is not documented on your move in, you will be charged; And the post move out cleaning charges are well beyond reasonable. <br><br>If the tub has a hair in it, mark it. If the sliding door sticks, mark it. If the laundry room/patio has any sand on it, mark it. If there is a single marinara sauce stain on the range, mark it. If there is a crumb in the oven, mark it. If there is a fingerprint on the window, mark it. Check ALL of the vertical blinds. If a single one has been turned upside down because the original mounting hole was broken, mark it. If the carpet has a spot by the front door, mark it. Pay particular attention to any carpet discoloration by the tile landing inside the front door. If the vinyl floor in the kitchen is marred from a refrigerator move in/out, mark it. If a light bulb is burned out, mark it. If Maintenance changes the air filter and scratches the drywall, have it recorded. <br><br>In other words, do not trust anyone at Lyon during move out. It is a huge profit driver for Lyon Management to take back as much deposit as possible. Don't let it happen to you. <br><br>Last of all, while deciding if you want to live there, you would be wise to investigate the circumstances surrounding the community name change. Do some research, you might be alarmed. Look into Prop 65 and investigate why it was such a HUGE issue for this community. Also, investigate why buildings 33 and higher were demolished and removed. <br>Other than that, it is a great place
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Monarch Coast

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