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Monarch Coast



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Roddd • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2007
I've actually had 2 different places here. I've always loved the location, however I'm surprised how badly I've been screwed, considering the amount of rent I pay each month. First place: the roof leaked into the closet (where we couldn't see it) and got mold EVERYWHERE in the closet and over all of our clothes. Never paid for the coats and didn't move us to another apartment. Second place: while on a 3 week trip, the water pipes break under the slab causing almost $20,000 in property loss after flooding the apartment. They claim they're not responsible. Um. A WATER MAIN. Not your FAULT? It's funny, but the location still is very good, however I can't wait to move out. The walls and ceiling are VERY thin. My wife and I have to wear earplugs to bed every night, which is something I've NEVER had to do before. <br><br>One last thing, they do a strange background check. I've been approached by outside counsel to join a slew of lawsuits against them for illegal background checks. Beware.<br><br>When moving in I specifically chose this place because they said they had no Section 8 housing on the premesis. Once I signed and asked again, they said there WAS section 8 housing. When I said I didn't want to live in an area with Section 8, the office lady asked why as if she was insulted... NOT your concern WHY I don't like it. Don't be rude and attempt to make me feel otherwise.
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Monarch Coast

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