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Cambridge House



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dahuang • Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/29/2002
Since I moved here everything was ok, but just appartment looks kinda ugly. But after 4 months which raining season come, and my living roof start draining! First of all they don´t and can´t do anything about it, but after 2 months fix and fixed it for 5 times the raining day already passed. They said they done the repairing but I have no way to test it. What I know is they just coving plastic cover on the top of the roof. Water problem appears too. You not to find out sometimes you will get hot water if you turn on cold water, and sometimes if you turn on cold water and will come out hot water ( will always do oppsite job as what you wish for). Parking is another serious problem in this appartment, you oftenly hard to find a parking space if you come home after 7pm. They out of it! What you can do is park at DMV which just next to it. Manager said she will start towl away unauthorized vehicle that without permit, start on April 29-2001 but so far I still haven´t see ANY car been towl away yet! Parking didn´t improve by ANY. By the way my rents is $775 for 2 bedrooms, and they gana raise to $1100 What the hell... they just gana charge all their spending of this parperty on all of our tenent. Ah.. too much to said I gana stop now. let yourself experience yourself, and you will understand. hehe j/k
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Cambridge House

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