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Cranbrook Apartments Iii



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2001 Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2001
Cons: <br>Parking here is horrible if you live in back. The back lot is full at 8pm, and you have to walk about half a mile from the front lot. The trees also drip sap like crazy. <br> <br>The "westend" is located next to the train tracks and has slightly cheaper rent. While the rest of the complex is ---- n´ span, the outside of the westend is slightly neglected. <br> <br>Water: The water pipes are in the attic of the buildings which is directly above all the upstairs apartments. Everytime someone in the building uses water, the pipes make as much noise as the trains do - except you get this 24hrs a day. Also, apparently water is heated for multiple units, rather than seperately. If you want hot water after 11pm at night - forget about it. No matter how long you let the water run it will be ice cold (especially in winter). <br> <br>The units: Initally you tour the head managers apartment which is clean and gorgeous. My kitchen floor has a grimy film no matter how much I clean it. The carpets had obviously -not- been cleaned when we moved in (yuck!). There were huge spill stains in the middle of the living room floor that I was able to get up with nothing more than a sponge and water (proving they didn´t shampoo them). <br> <br>Heat: The only heat you have in the winter is a wall mounted gas heater. Because one side of the apartment is equivalent to a big window, a lot of the heat escapes. Putting a bed under the window (and there is virtually no other place for it) will result in freezing cold mornings. Stock up on long johns and flannel pajamas. <br> <br>Pros: <br>The apartment complex is 98% pest free. I´ve only had small spiders the entire time I´ve lived here. <br> <br>The maintence is experienced and extremely quick to respond. When you call, they´ll promise to do whatever you need by the end of the day, but usually come within an hour. <br> <br>The unit I rented was overall a decent place. I would say it´s worth the rent I pay. <br> <br>
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Cranbrook Apartments Iii

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