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Forest Arms Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2007
I would reccommend checking out the reviews for all properties owned by Tom Cross, of Star-Crossed Properties. My visitor fell on the steps which did not meet code and has broken his ankle and now has to have surgery to put screws in his ankle, and may have to change careers. Two months later, the same visitor stepped on a rotten board on my deck in which his foot dropped into the deck and below. After I spoke to the management company (who belittled the situation) about the steps they only replaced 2 of my steps, simply taking out the old boards and screwing in new ones with no measuring devices seen. The boards were not the problem, the tilt and rise was the problem-which I had told the manager, Thomas Cross. After the second incident of the rotten wood on the deck and after being severely mistreated by Tom Cross, all of my steps were corrected and one board on the deck replaced. The bottom step is still incorrect, being too long. The manager said "I dare you to sue me". This after he told me "so your mad because I did MORE than you asked for" ha! -the units were fixed incorrectly and didn't address the problem. A lot of rotten wood, poor lighting, and many other violations are occuring at Forest Arms as well as the neighboring complex, Sherwood Arms (same owner). Another tennant has live there for 3 years and it was old carpet when she moved in. She also claims to have rats in her walls and ceiling. She also has mold in her bathroom. She also has really tall steps which haven't been fixed. She, as well as her roomate has also slipped and fallen down her steps. Management placed sandpaper-like adhesive patches to the steps . They didn't clean the wood first, so now they curl around the edges and are a hazard. She has claimed to have reported all and no action has taken. When I remarked to Tom that she fell down her steps he replied "I've told her that is because she waters her stairs" referring to watering her plants which are on her banister.
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Forest Arms Apartments

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