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Oxford Parkside Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 04/26/2002
Yes, though the manger is exceptionally nice, he is very flaky. Yes, I can hear most footsteps the guy above me makes. Yes, I found cheaper apartments. BUT....once you´ve gotten through the mild hassel of moving in (the manager didn´t show up), you will most likely be happy here. I looked at nearly every single apartment building under $800 in Davis and this was by far the best deal in my humble opinion. <br><br><br><br>If you are a UC Davis student and can afford the rent this is a must. You are within walking distance of the campus, in case you miss the bus. The B & C lines practically pick you up in front of your apartment (which means you have access to both sides of the campus), and in the event you miss both of those..the D line is a close walk and that goes to both sides of campus. <br><br><br><br>Safeway is a 2-3 minute drive, or a 15 minute walk away. There is however, a more expensive market, a department store, starbucks, a bar, gas station, and a Subway sandwhich place within a ridiculously short walking distance (can we say the end of the block). <br><br><br><br>For those of you with cars the nearest freeway is 113 and you are literally around the corner from it. <br><br><br><br>As for the complex. The pool is there but hardly ever used. The grounds are getting much nicer as they are putting in more flowers and plants. There is a pool table on the second floor. You have your own assigned spot, but many residents don´t have cars so if you have a second car you might be able to make arrangements with another tenant. Because we are between the dorms police occasionally drive past, and overall the neighborhood is safe. There is Oxford Park right behind our complex. The mail area is nice because they have special locked package holders, so that if you get a package (and nothing bigger than a magazine will fit in your mailbox I promise), they leave a key in your mailbox and you can retrieve the package from one of these larger locked boxes right there. THe laudary room is decent and locked so it is safe...and it is an actual room unlike many complexes that looked like they had renovated a closet. There are 4 working washers and 4 working dryers, that were just put in around Dec. 2001. <br><br><br><br>The apartments themselves are pretty nice in my opinion...yes my bathroom was grungy so they repainted it for me. Most apartments have rather new carpeting, countertops, refridgerators, ovens, and dishwashers. There is central AC!! Most people when they come over to my apt for the first time are pleasantly surprised when they see the inside. The outside of the building is nothing to crow about the insides are decently planned out. Yes the bathrooms are really small. But the vanity area is not, and the whole bathroom/vanity area is set off a bit from the rest of the apt...as much as it can be in a studio/1bedroom. The apartments can be either a studio or a one bedroom because there are movable walls (kinda like closet doors) between the living room and the bedroom. <br><br><br><br>Make sure you ask the manager about whether the apt is on the sunny side or the dark side of the building...makes a huge difference. Those that face the parking lot or pool are the sunny side. It´s really one extreme or the other....I prefer the sunny side...saves on my lighting bill. <br><br>Bottom line...it´s a very good place to live as a student because of the accesability to things. I am really happy here, and feel safe comming home late at night. Though the rating is a 2.50, that really does not do the apartment justice...it´s not a 5 but in my opinion its much better than a 2.5....maybe a 4. My advice: Go check out an apartment, you might be nicely surprised.
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Oxford Parkside Apartments

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